Can you sail from Darwin to Indonesia?

There are no passenger boats between Darwin and anywhere in Indonesia. There is apparently a scheduled cargo boat between Darwin and Dili in East Timor.

How long does it take to sail from Darwin to Indonesia?

29 miles in 5 ½ hours. Wind 20-25 knots; seas two to three feet. I unfurled a bit more jib to reduce rolling, not increase boat speed.

How long does it take to sail from Australia to Indonesia?

The journey took four days and was my first international crossing on a yacht…

Can you take a boat from Australia to Indonesia?

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There are no ferries, and if anyone tried to run such a service they would be out of business quickly thanks to all of the cheap airfares to Bali. Flying is the cheap option. If you want to go by sea, then I suspect that you have already found all of the options.

How long does it take to sail from Australia to Bali?

Throughout your 70-day voyage, the longest passage can be up to 10 days long with the average passage being 2-5 days. Make no mistake, as a Sea|mester student you are not a passenger, you are the crew responsible for making the ship sail.

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How far is Indonesia from Darwin?

The total straight line flight distance from Darwin, Australia to Kupang, Indonesia is 517 miles. This is equivalent to 832 kilometers or 449 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Darwin, Australia.

How long does it take to sail from Perth to Bali?

The Fremantle to Bali yacht race is an ocean yachting race hosted by Fremantle Sailing Club between Fremantle and Benoa harbour, Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia. The distance of the race is over 1,440 nautical miles (2,670 km; 1,660 mi) and can take 7 days or longer to traverse.

How far is Indonesia from Australia?

Distance from Indonesia to Australia

The shortest distance (air line) between Indonesia and Australia is 1,702.62 mi (2,740.10 km).

Can you get to Indonesia by boat?

Ferries connect Indonesia with the neighboring countries of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Most connections are between ports in Sumatra and Riau Islands Province and those in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia. … Onward boat connections to Jakarta and other Indonesian islands are available from these ports.

To sail to a different country, you just need a boat, compass and charts. To enter a country legally, you have to go through Customs by anchoring out or tying up to a specific dock and either waiting for the Customs agent to arrive. Its customary to fly the Q flag to indicate that you need to clear Customs.

Can I enter Australia by boat?

COVID-19: Travelling to Australia by yacht or small craft. … note that only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can enter Australia. all crew must be isolated in mandatory quarantine accommodation for 14 days on arrival. you must provide arrival information in advance.

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Can you sail international waters?

Generally speaking, when a ship sails or works in international waters, any legal matter falls under the jurisdiction of the country whose flag it flies. International waters can include major oceans, seas, and even lakes in other countries that allow the passage of American-owned or -operated vessels.

Can I sail to Thailand?

Thailand is located very close to the equator and outside the cyclone zone of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. That’s why it is possible to sail all the year around. There are 2 main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season, also called the southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon.

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