How can I activate my CIMB ATM card in Singapore?

How can I activate my CIMB card in Singapore?

  1. SMS the following to ‘76888’ (between 8am to 10pm daily): ACTVLast 4 digits of CIMB Credit Card No. …
  2. Step 1: Log in to CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. …
  3. To activate your card and/or your card’s magnetic stripe for overseas use, call our 24-hour CIMB Credit Cards Customer Service Hotline at +65 6333 6666.

How can I activate my CIMB debit card abroad?

Once you’ve logged into your account, click on Services at the top left followed by Overseas Spends & Withdrawal. Next, select your CIMB Bank ATM / Debit Card that you wish to activate. Now, you should be given options to set the overseas withdrawal. You can set status to Temporary or Permanent and also the Duration.

Can I use Malaysia CIMB ATM card in Singapore?

Welcome to CIMB Internet Banking. We are pleased to announce our new cross-border ATM facility linking Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Enjoy the convenience of our network of over 3,790 CIMB ATMs when you travel abroad to these four countries.

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How can I get CIMB activation code?

To apply, you may contact CIMB At-Your-Service at +65 6333 7777 to request for a 6 digit Activation Code which will be sent to your registered mobile number within 1 working day. Alternatively, you may visit any of our branches to apply and you will be issued with the Activation Code instantly.

How can I register for CIMB Internet Banking?

Register for CIMB Clicks in just 3 steps

  1. Go to. or select ‘Register User’ from CIMB Clicks App.
  2. Choose an access type. Key in CIMB Debit/Credit Card number* Key in your 6-digit PIN.
  3. Key in your 6-digit SMS activation code and ‘Continue’

How can I activate my CIMB card?

How do I activate my card?

  1. Go to “My Card” under “Product”
  2. Select “Activate Card”
  3. Key in the last 4 digits of your debit card.
  4. Set your 6-digit transaction PIN.
  5. Debit Card will be successfully activated.

How do I activate my ATM card abroad?

  1. Insert ATM card and Pin number.
  2. Select Other Transaction.
  3. Select Other Services.
  4. Select Overseas/Plus ATM Service.
  5. Select Activate (Temporary)
  6. Key in Identity Card Number and confirm.
  7. Remove ATM Card and take the receipt.

Why is my CIMB debit card rejected?

There is insufficient funds in your savings/current account that is linked to the CIMB Debit Mastercard. You will need to top up funds in your account. There is insufficient funds due to pre-authorisation holding amount at petrol station or hotels.

Can I use my CIMB debit card overseas?

Can I use my debit card to withdraw money for free from an ATM overseas? As the issuing bank, CIMB will not charge a fee when you withdraw from any VISA-affiliated ATM overseas. … Please check the local charges that the acquiring bank may apply before withdrawing from the overseas ATM.

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Can I open CIMB Malaysia account in Singapore?

All CIMB Malaysia account opening via our Singapore branch will be by appointment basis only. Please complete the online form and a Service Ambassador will contact you to confirm your appointment.

What is minimum balance in CIMB?

Grow your savings with our high interest rate of 2.5% p.a. FREE Life Insurance coverage of up to PHP 250,000 by just maintaining a minimum average daily balance of PHP 5,000. ZERO fees, ZERO monthly premium, and no medical check-up required!

How can I transfer money from Malaysia to Singapore CIMB?


  1. Go to Pay & Transfer > Transfer Money.
  2. Select your Own CIMB Bank Singapore Account from the ‘To’ dropdown list.
  3. Key in the rest of the details and select ‘Purpose of Payment’. …
  4. TAC is required for fund transfer to own CIMB Bank Singapore Account.

What is CIMB activation code?

Within 1 business day , you will receive a 6-digit CIMB Clicks Activation Code and your mobile number will be registered to receive Two-Factor Authentication via SMS. … You will then be able to create your very own CIMB Clicks ID and password.

How can I activate my CIMB FastSaver account?

You can activate your CIMB FastSaver account by transferring the initial deposit of S$1,000 from your CIMB Bank Singapore Savings and/or Current Account using CIMB Clicks.

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