How do I dial a number in Jakarta?

How do I dial a phone number in Indonesia?


How do I dial a 001 number?

Simple. To call home, just dial 001, then the American number (area code, then a local number). The 00 is the direct dialing prefix, and the 1 is the country code for North America (Canada and the US).

How do I dial a +32 number?

Belgium is under a full number dialing plan, meaning that the full national number must be dialed for all calls, while it retains the trunk code, ‘0’, for all national dialling.

Telephone numbers in Belgium.

Country calling code +32
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix

What is the country code for Jakarta?

How the number is composed

Number Comments
011 011 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of USA.
62 62 is the international code used to dial to Indonesia.
? This country uses local area or city codes, but the code for Jakarta is not known by this tool, you will have to add the area/city code yourself.

What is *# 62 code used for?

What is the use of code *# 62? The *#62# requests for status for call forwarding when your phone is out of reach while*#61*# confirms for when you’re unavailable to answer your phone. The ## prefix means you are querying, or “interrogating” a setting on the phone.

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Which country has +63 code?

Philippines Country Code 63 – Worldometer.

How do you call a +44 number?

To call the UK from the US, just follow these simple dialing directions:

  1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  2. Next dial 44, the country code for the U.K.
  3. Then the area code (2–5 digits).
  4. And finally the phone number (4–8 digits; area code plus phone number equals 10 digits).


What is a 011 number?

To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number. For example, if you are trying to call someone in Brazil (country code 55), in the city of Rio de Janeiro (city code 21), you would dial 011 – 55 – 21 – XXXX-XXXX.

Which country code is 001?

International prefix

Digits dialled Countries you are calling from
001 Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
0011 Australia
002 Paraguay, Taiwan
009 Colombia, Nigeria

What country code is 31?

Netherlands Country Code 31 – Worldometer.

How do I dial to Belgium?


Which country has +49 code?

Germany Country Code 49 – Worldometer.

Which country has 62 code?

Indonesia Country Code 62 – Worldometer.

Which country code is 94?

Sri Lanka Country Code 94 – Worldometer.

What country has area code 62?

Dial Indonesia’s country code (62) followed by the number. To place a call within Indonesia: You must use the area code if calling between states.

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