How do I get to Sta Cruz Church Manila?

How do I commute to Sta Cruz Church?

From Quezon City:

  1. From North Avenue, ride a jeep/bus to Sta. Cruz, and get off at Sta. Cruz Church.
  2. Turn right at Rizal Avenue, and walk past Sta. Cruz Church towards Bustos.
  3. Turn left at Bustos, and walk about 1 block until you get to Ongpin. Chinatown begins there, right behind Sta. Cruz Church.

Who is the designer of Sta Cruz Church?

Immaculate Conception Parish Church (Santa Cruz)

Santa Cruz Church (Laguna)
Architect(s) Fr. Antonio Llave
Architectural type Church building
Style Baroque
Completed December 8, 1608

What LRT station is Binondo?

Tutuban station (LRT)

Location Binondo, Manila
Coordinates 14°36′22.26″N 120°58′19.05″ECoordinates: 14°36′22.26″N 120°58′19.05″E
Owned by Department of Transportation Light Rail Transit Authority
Line(s) Line 2

How do I get to Binondo Chinatown?

How to get to Binondo? Binodo is close to the LRT – 1 Carriedo Station and LRT – 2 Recto Station. Another option is to take the Pasig River ferry and alight at Escolta Manila Station. Or you may take a jeepney bound for Divisoria to get to Binondo Manila.

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Why is Santa Cruz called Santa Cruz?

​In 1769, the Spanish explorer, Don Gaspar del Portal, discovered the land area now known as the city of Santa Cruz. He named the long flowing river San Lorenzo in honor of Saint Lawrence and named the rolling hills Santa Cruz, “Holy Cross.”

Who designed Quiapo?

Quiapo Church
Designated 1939
Architect(s) José Ma. Zaragoza
Architectural type Basilica
Style Mexican Baroque

Where in Jamaica is Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is a town in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, on the A2 road connecting Black River to Mandeville.

What LRT station goes to Quiapo?

The Carriedo Lrt station is the nearest one to Quiapo Church in Manila.

What are the stations of LRT?

Manila LRT Line 1 (Roosevelt-Baclaran)

  • Roosevelt. 1,573m.
  • Balintawak. 1,816m.
  • Monumento. 892m.
  • 5th Avenue. 756m.
  • R.Papa. 493m.
  • Abad Santos. 733m.
  • Blumentritt(LRT) 536m.
  • Tayuman. 502m.

How many stations does LRT 1 have?

Currently, the line consists of 20 stations and runs on 19.65 kilometers (12.21 mi) of fully elevated route. It travels in a general north–south direction from Baclaran to Monumento, and then east–west from Monumento to Roosevelt.

What is the oldest Chinatown in the world?

Binondo in Manila, established in 1594, is recognized as the world’s oldest Chinatown.

What restaurants are in Binondo Chinatown?

WHERE TO EAT: Binondo Food Tour Guide 2021

  • Tea Brothers.
  • New Po Heng Lumpia House.
  • Wai Ying Fast Food.
  • Dong Bei Dumplings.
  • Sincerity Restaurant and Cafe.
  • Shanghai Fried Siopao.
  • Ying Ying Tea House.
  • Lan Zhou La Mien.


Is Divisoria part of Binondo?

Divisoria is a commercial center in between Tondo and Binondo in Manila, Philippines known for its shops that sell low-priced goods and its diverse manufacturing activities.

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Region National Capital Region
City Manila
District Tondo and Binondo
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