How do I sue a company in Malaysia?

How Can I sue my employer in Malaysia?

So… how do you start suing (and what can you ask for)?

First, you will need to either go to an office of the Industrial Relations department or write to the Director General of Industrial Relations (more info here) within 60 days of you leaving/getting dismissed.

How do you sue a company successfully?

Steps in a Civil Lawsuit: Doing It Yourself

  1. Determine who you are suing, as noted above. …
  2. Then find the right jurisdiction. …
  3. Create a demand letter explaining your case and exactly what you want (usually in money). …
  4. Complete the court forms and register your claim with the court. …
  5. Get a date on the court calendar.

What are reasons to sue a company?

Top Reasons Employees Sue Their Employers

  • Poor Treatment. …
  • Retaliation for Protected Activities. …
  • Terrible Managers. …
  • Not Following Your Own Policies. …
  • Mismatched Performance and Performance Reviews. …
  • Not Responding Properly to an EEOC Charge.
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Can you sue in Malaysia?

Yes, you can sue the government

Judicial review is an integral process to uphold the rule of law in the country. The premise for judicial review itself is to ensure that all exercise of powers by the executive is subject to the law, and there is no person or body whose action or decision is above the law.

Where can I complain about my employer in Malaysia?

Here are the steps:

  • You can file a complaint by sending an official letter to the nearest Labour Department, email to, visit the nearest local Labour Department office or call 03-8000 8000. …
  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of the supporting documents i.e. contract or appointment letter.

How Can I fire an employee legally in Malaysia?

Procedure to terminate employment in Malaysia fairly (procedurally fair)

  1. Under Malaysian labour law, the employer must issue the employee with a termination notice that sets out the reason for the termination.
  2. Request an explanation from the employee.
  3. Give time to respond.

There are a few steps which you should take if a professional does not provide the service at a level which you should expect:

  1. Obtain a full set of your files.
  2. Make a formal complaint to the organisation.
  3. Make a formal complaint to their governing body.
  4. Seek advice on bringing a claim.


Should I settle or go to court?

Settlements are typically faster, more efficient, cost less, and less stressful than a trial. Con: When you accept a settlement, there is a chance that you will receive less money than if you were to go to court. … You and your personal injury attorney may accept or deny any settlement offer that is given to you.

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How much money does it cost to sue?

It’s difficult to come up with an average number for how much suing someone costs, but you should expect to pay somewhere around $10,000 for a simple lawsuit. If your lawsuit is complicated and requires a lot of expert witnesses, the cost will be much, much higher.

Is it worth suing your employer?

If you sue your employer, it won’t be enough for you to prove that your employer made the wrong decision, or even that your employer was a no-goodnik. If you don’t have a valid legal claim against your employer, then you will ultimately lose your case. One big reason to think twice before you sue.

Can I sue my job for emotional distress?

When it comes to emotional distress, there are two categories that you can sue an employer for: Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress (NIED). With this type of emotional distress, you could sue if your employer acted negligently or violated the duty of care to not cause severe emotional stress in the workplace.

Can I sue my employer for stress and anxiety?

You can file an employment lawsuit if you experience stress and anxiety that is higher than the regular amount for your job. For example, the minor stress of answering emails in a timely and comprehensive manner is normal and expected.

How much do lawyers charge in Malaysia?

1% x RM500,000 = RM5,000. 0.8% x RM100,000 = RM800. Total legal fees = RM5,800.

How To Calculate Legal Fees.

Price of Property Percentage
First RM500,000 1%
RM500,001 – RM1,000,000 0.8%
RM1,000,001 – RM3,000,000 0.7%
RM3,000,001 – RM5,000,000 0.6%
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What is the punishment for defamation in Malaysia?

Punishment for defamation

Whoever defames another shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both.

How does Malaysia prove defamation?

From a legal perspective, 3 general criteria must be proven before defamation can be established:

  1. There must be a statement that is defamatory.
  2. The statement must refer to or identify the claimant [person being defamed]
  3. The statement must be published to a third party other than the person being defamed.


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