How do you say Happy Songkran in Thai?

What do you say at Songkran?

Expressions in Thai to celebrate Songkran

  • Sawasdee pee maï thaï kha / krap. Happy thai new year !
  • Suk san wan pee maï thaï kha / krap. Happy New Year’s day !
  • Suk san wan Songkran kha / krap. Happy Songkran !
  • Thiao haï sanook na kha / krap. Enjoy your holidays. …
  • Len Songkran haï sanook na kha / krap. Enjoy playing Songkran !


How do you say Happy New Year in Thai?

How to wish a happy new year in Thai ?

  1. Sawasdee pee maï which means Happy New Year.
  2. Suk san wan pee maï which also means Happy New Year (literally happy day of the new year)
  3. For the countdown : 5,4,3,2,1 is haa (5), sii (4), sam (3), song (2) nueng (1) So it will be: haa, sii, sam, song, neung… …
  4. Kho haï mee kwam suk to wish a lot of happiness.

How do you say Happy Songkran Day?

Suksan-wan-songkran/ Sawasdee Wan Songkran: Literally means Happy Songkran’s day. Sawasdee-pee-mai krub/ka: Literally means “Happy New Year”

How do you congratulate someone on Songkran?

give u Health, Wealth, Peace & Happiness, Wishing u & family a prosperous Songkran!” Wishing u a very “Happy New Year”! A festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held in April and marked by the throwing and sprinkling of water.

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Are shops open during Songkran?

Most office buildings, banks, as well as family-run shops and restaurants, shut down completely during Songkran, while big shopping malls usually remain open.

Do Muslims celebrate Songkran?

Instead, Muslims can always attend non-religious activities like sports and cleanups with members of other faiths. “Buddhists respect us if we don’t participate, such as in Loy Krathong or Songkran,” he said. Wisut, the cleric from the Sheikul Islam Office, suggested a similar solution.

What is Ka Thai?

In the Thai Royal Institute Dictionary, the words “ka” and “krub” are both defined as “an ending word to suggest the politeness of the message.” In my own translation, they are filler words that don’t mean anything.

What is the Songkran festival in Thailand?

The Songkran Festival, also known as the Traditional Thai New Year, is usually celebrated in mid-April. It is one of Thailand’s grandest and most important events. The Songkran Festival is a time when family and friends gather to pay gratitude to elders and visit temples for prayer and offering.

Why is Thai New Year in April?

The traditional Thai New Year Songkran was transformed into a national holiday. Celebrations are famous for the public water fights framed as ritual cleansing.

Songkran (Thailand)

Observed by Thai and Malaysian Siamese
Significance Marks the Thai New Year
Begins 13 April
Ends 15 April

What is the Thai Year for 2021?

The year 2021 is the 240th year of the Rattanakosin Kingdom of Thailand. It is the sixth year in the reign of King Vajiralongkorn (Rama X), and is reckoned as year 2564 in the Buddhist Era.

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