How many dairy farm outlets in Singapore?

Dairy Farm is a leading pan-Asian retailer. As at 31st December 2020, the group and its associates and joint ventures operated around 10,000 outlets; employed some 220,000 people.

Is IKEA owned by Dairy Farm?

Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd (SGX: D01) is a leading pan-Asian retailer. It owns a slew of household retail brands such as Cold Storage, Giant, 7-Eleven, Guardians and IKEA stores.

How many outlets does cold storage have?

Each brand offers unique store concepts and experiences to cater to our diverse consumer needs. We are part of the Dairy Farm Group, the leading pan-Asian food and drugstore retailer with over 6,100 outlets in the region.

Who owns dairy farm?

Jardine Strategic Holdings78%

How many stores does cold storage have in Singapore?

SGS has awarded HACCP certification to Cold Storage, quality and integrity in food safety. Now, it operates 48 stores in Singapore, located across the country in city center, affluent suburbs and HDB (public housing) estates, and 19 stores in Malaysia.

Is giant part of dairy farm?

Giant is under Dairy Farm Group

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The Group operates supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, health and beauty stores and more. Its commitment to quality, service, and value has made Dairy Farm Group a leader in its field. … Giant, in particular, is centred around its promise of value.

Who owns Ikea Singapore?

Ikano owns the IKEA franchise rights for Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and operates IKEA stores in these markets.

Where is the largest cold storage?

2800 Polar Way is a cold storage facility located in Richland, Washington, United States. It is both the largest refrigerated warehouse and the largest automated freezer on Earth.

2800 Polar Way
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General information
Status Complete
Type Cold storage facility

Is Giant cheaper than fairprice?

Giant. … Despite Giant being the supermarket that sells affordable groceries, it also has a wide range of products in each category. This is why items such as beef can go up to $55 which is more than Fairprice because unlike Fairprice which sells only cubes or strips of beef, Giant sells ribeye of sirloin steak.

What happened to Shop N Save Singapore?

Shop n Save stores around Singapore will be re-branded into Giant stores, with effect from Monday announced Dairy Farm Singapore, which runs these supermarket chains in Singapore.

What is under dairy farm?

Dairy Farm operates supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores with 20 retail brands across the region. … Under convenience stores segment, Dairy Farm operates 7-Eleven in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore.

Why is dairy farm called dairy farm?

In 1929, Cold Storage acquired 60 acres of land in Bukit Timah, converted it into a dairy farm with the Friesian cows from Europe, and began production of fresh milk for the local population. It was only natural that the place be called Dairy Farm.

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Is dairy a agriculture?

Dairying, branch of agriculture that encompasses the breeding, raising, and utilization of dairy animals, primarily cows, for the production of milk and the various dairy products processed from it.

How much is cold storage delivery?


Ordered Received Delivery Charges
For order value of $59.00 & above per delivery Free delivery
For order value less than $59.00 per delivery $7

How many giant outlets are in Singapore?

In Singapore, it’s the largest mass market retailer of everyday items with over 62 stores located across the island, from popular shopping districts to convenient neighbourhood areas. Today, Giant operates under three formats of varying sizes and selections each one offering the same great quality and value.

What supermarkets are in Singapore?

TOP 10 Supermarkets in Singapore

  • TOP 1 NTUC FairPrice.
  • TOP 2 Sheng Siong.
  • TOP 3 Cold Storage.
  • TOP 4 Giant.
  • TOP 5 HAO Mart.
  • TOP 6 Prime.
  • TOP 7 Mustafa.
  • TOP 8 Don Don Donki.


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