How many express ways are there in Singapore?

There are ten expressways, including the new Marina Coastal Expressway. Studies about the feasibility of additional expressways are ongoing. Construction on the first expressway, the Pan Island Expressway, started in 1966. Template:As of, there are 163 km of expressways in Singapore.

How many main expressways are there in Singapore?

Construction on the first expressway, the Pan Island Expressway, was completed in 1969. As of 2014, there are ten expressways in Singapore totalling 163 kilometres (101 mi).

What are the expressways in Singapore?

What’s in a Name?

  • Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)
  • Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
  • Central Expressway (CTE)
  • East Coast Parkway (ECP)
  • Kranji Expressway (KJE)
  • Pan Island Expressway (PIE)


What is the shortest expressway in Singapore?

The small section of Jalan Kwok Min remains and Singapore Armed Forces took over the Jalan Kwok Min area since 1997. It was opened in December 1985. Before the Kranji Expressway was completed, BKE was the shortest expressway in Singapore, at about 10 km (6.2 mi).

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How many express ways are there?

Characteristics. As of April 2021, approximately 1,652 km of expressways are operational in India. In 2017, the country had 200 km of expressways. All the expressways are 6 or more lane wide controlled-access highways where entrance and exit are controlled by the use of slip roads.

Which is the longest expressway in Singapore?

The Pan Island Expressway (Abbreviated as: PIE) is the oldest and longest expressway in Singapore. Also, it is Singapore’s longest road. The expressway runs from the East Coast Parkway near Changi Airport in the east to Tuas in the west and has a total length of 42.8 kilometres (26.6 mi).

What is the maximum speed limit in Singapore?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Generally, the speed limits in Singapore are 50 km/h unless stated otherwise. The speed limit is restricted to 40 km/h in School Zones and Silver Zones. Most expressways have speed limits of either 80 km/h or 90 km/h.

What does ECP stand for in Singapore?

The East Coast Parkway (Abbreviation: ECP) is an expressway that runs along the southeastern coast of Singapore.

What does Aye stand for Singapore?

The Ayer Rajah Expressway (Abbreviation: AYE) extends from the western end of the Marina Coastal Expressway in the south of Singapore to Tuas in the west near the Tuas Second Link to Malaysia.

Where are the speed cameras in Singapore?

There are 240 Red Light Cameras, typically located at traffic light junctions. There are 20 Fixed Speed Cameras, typically located at expressways or big roads. There are 5 Mobile Speed Cameras, typically located at under-developed areas with heavy vehicles.

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What is the difference between a highway and expressway?

A highway is a generic term given to roadways that are used to connect important cities, and usually have 4 lanes to provide for high speed traffic. An expressway is a highway with partial access and extra facilities like access ramps and lane dividers.

Who owns roads in Singapore?

Land Transport Authority

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters 1 Hampshire Road Singapore 219428
Agency executives Alan Chan, Chairman Ng Lang, Chief Executive
Parent agency Ministry of Transport

How fast should you drive on an expressway?

State Rural interstates (mph) Other roads (mph)
California 70; trucks: 55 65 trucks: 55
Colorado 75 65
Connecticut 65 55
Delaware 65 55

Which is the busiest NH in India?

Running over 1,465 km, NH 2 highway has the most number of black spots – 59. It is the busiest National Highway in India and runs through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

Which is the shortest NH in India?

[1] The shortest National Highway was the NH 47A (5.9 km (3.7 mi)), which connected Kundanoor Junction of Maradu in Kochi city to the Kochi port at Willingdon Island.


NH No 1C
Route Domel – Katra
Length in State (km) Jammu & Kashmir (8)
Total Length 8 km (5.0 mi)

Which state has most expressways?

10 States With Longest Roads In India For A Hair-Raising Weekend Getaway

  1. Maharashtra – Road network of 247,652 km. …
  2. Uttar Pradesh – Road network of 50,000 km. …
  3. Rajasthan – Road network of 150,876 km. …
  4. Andhra Pradesh – Road network of 123,334 km. …
  5. Karnataka – Road network of 2,090 km. …
  6. Tamil Nadu – Road network of 14,257 km.
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