How many nature parks are there in Singapore?

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get a good supply of fresh air, know that there are more than 350 parks and 4 nature reserves in Singapore to choose from. Whether it’s just to take a stroll, to have a picnic, or go on a cycling adventure, there’s one fit for every activity.

How many parks are there in Singapore?

With over 300 parks and 4 Nature reserves, Singapore national parks map is a testament to its high green quotient.

What are the 4 nature reserves in Singapore?

These reserves include:

  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (163 hectares)
  • Central Catchment Nature Reserve (3,043 hectares)
  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (131 hectares)
  • Labrador Nature Reserve (10 hectares)

Which is the biggest park in Singapore?

East Coast Park takes the trophy for being Singapore’s largest park, covering nearly 185 hectares (457 acres) of reclaimed waterfront land.

What are the different parks in Singapore?

Parks and Reserves around Singapore:

  • Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.
  • MacRitchie Reservoir Park.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
  • Fort Canning Park.
  • The Learning Forest.
  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park.
  • Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.
  • Kranji Marshes.
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Which water park is best in Singapore?

Adventure Cove Water Park

The most amazing water park in Asia, Adventure Cove Water Park, Singapore is the place to make a splash when you are in this exciting city. You can get your adrenaline pumping on the thrilling roller coaster rides and water slides.

Is Hong Kong better than Singapore?

Both are former British colonies, in addition to being two of the busiest port cities in the world and top financial centres. Hong Kong is often believed to be more dynamic, but less friendly and a bit more gritty, whereas Singapore is seen as more sanitised, but less cramped and with more pleasant surroundings.

Why are nature reserves important in Singapore?

One main reason why we have nature reserves is to protect our biodiversity- the degree of variation of life. … A healthy biodiversity is of extreme importance to humanity as it provides a number of natural services for everyone. Firstly, it provides ecosystem regulating services.

Are nature reserves protected?

Nature reserves are places where wildlife – plants and animals – is protected and undisturbed, and this can sometime mean continuing with or restoring the old-time land management practices which originally helped to make them wildlife-rich. One example is the coppicing of woodland.

Are parks natural?

A park is an area of natural, semi-natural or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. Urban parks are green spaces set aside for recreation inside towns and cities. … Many parks have trails for walking, biking and other activities.

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What is the famous garden in Singapore?

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Location Tanglin, Central Region, Singapore
Coordinates 1.3151°N 103.8162°ECoordinates:1.3151°N 103.8162°E
Area 82 hectares (202.63 acres)
Created 1859

What is the best beach in Singapore?

9 Best Beaches in Singapore

  • Siloso Beach. Siloso Beach. …
  • Palawan Beach. Palawan Beach. …
  • Changi Beach. Changi Beach. …
  • Punggol Beach. Sand patterns on Punggol Beach. …
  • St. John’s Island. …
  • Lazarus Island. Beautiful Lazarus Island. …
  • East Coast Beach. East Coast Beach. …
  • Pulau Ubin Island. Coconut on the beach at Pulau Ubin Island.


Where can I enjoy nature in Singapore?

18 Best Singapore Parks and Natural Spaces

  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
  • Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom.
  • Central Catchment Nature Reserve.
  • Chinese and Japanese Gardens.
  • East Coast Park.
  • Fort Canning Park.
  • Gardens by the Bay.
  • HortPark.

Who builds parks in Singapore?

The National Parks Board (NParks) is a statutory board of the Government of Singapore. NParks is responsible for enhancing and managing the urban ecosystems of which the government calls a “City in Nature”.

What do you do in nature?

Nature Walk Springboard Activities

  • make a pond viewer.
  • make a juice bottle bug catcher.
  • make a grass sweeper from a pillowcase.
  • make a butterfly feeder.
  • make suet and hang it for the birds.
  • dissect a flower, leaf, seed pod or (dead) insect.
  • make a rain catcher or anemometer and keep a record of your findings.


How big is Singapore?

281.2 mi²

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