How much does it cost to marry in Malaysia?

A Malaysian wedding can cost an average of RM50,000 (US$11,900) but can easily reach up to a whopping RM200,000 (US$47,800).

How much does it cost to get married in Malaysia?

According to The Asean Post article of Rising Wedding Costs In Southeast Asia, the average cost of weddings in Malaysia is between RM50,000 to RM200,000, which is not including the honeymoon expenses. Indeed, it takes wedding couples to plan and save money for years in terms to achieve the perfect wedding.

What documents do I need to get married in Malaysia?

  • Application form JPN KCO1 (to be obtained at the Registration Department)
  • MyKAD and 1 copy (Identity card for Malaysian Applicants)
  • Coloured passport size photograph of both applicants.
  • Passport and 1 copy of the page with your personal details & arrival date into Malaysia for non citizens.

How much does it cost for a simple wedding?

The average cost of a small wedding is $8,550. This is based on a guest list of 50 people* and cutting costs usually associated with a larger wedding. Prices will vary depending on where the wedding is held and which elements are included, which can be determined in the cost breakdown below.

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How much does an Indian wedding cost in Malaysia?

A recent survey conducted found Malaysian Indian couples spend an average of RM 5000-8000 on wedding decors and RM 3000-RM6000 on door gifts.

How many wives can you have in Malaysia?

Polygamy in Malaysia is legalized between one man and up to four wives although special permission from a sharia court is required in each instance beyond the first marriage.

Can I marry a Malaysian girl?

Originally Answered: How do I marry my Malaysian girlfriend? “Foreigners who want to marry Malaysians need to complete basic documents such as visas, passes and letters to Islam (if u marry Moslem) in advance so that marriage can be registered in this country.

Is it easy to marry in Malaysia?

Getting married in Malaysia is quite easy if both of you have not been married before. There are only a few necessary steps that need to be followed to go through the administrative part of a marriage. How you celebrate the ceremonial part (the actual wedding ceremony) is complete up to the soon to be married couple.

What is the procedure to marry a foreigner in Malaysia?

All foreign citizens wishing to marry must reside in Malaysia at least 7 days before application of marriage.

During the first visit, the marrying couple needs to bring the following documents:

  • Marriage application form JPN. …
  • Passport and photocopy of the first page and page showing latest entry into Malaysia.


Can I marry foreigner?

As a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you’re free to marry a foreign national or non-citizen immigrant – but you’ll need to consider immigration laws to move your new spouse to the U.S. permanently.

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Is 80 guests a small wedding?

How many guests are typically invited to each size wedding? These numbers may vary a little depending on who you’re speaking with, but a small wedding typically includes 50 people or under, a medium wedding has a guest list of anywhere from 50-150 guests, and a large wedding has over 150 attendees.

How do you pull a cheap wedding?

Explore creative, low-cost catering options with a lower price tag:

  1. Choose a favorite family-owned restaurant. …
  2. Opt for a food truck or two. …
  3. Ask for help with food instead of gifts. …
  4. Make it a cash bar. …
  5. Skip the hard liquor. …
  6. Explore affordable dessert options. …
  7. Keep the reception short. …
  8. Go for a buffet service.


Who pays for what wedding?

Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for paying for all wedding planning expenses, the bride’s attire, all floral arrangements, transportation on the wedding day, photo and video fees, travel and lodgings for the officiant if he comes from out of town, lodging for the bridesmaids (if you have offered …

How can I get a cheap Indian wedding?

Here are 10 logical and easy ways to budget for an Indian wedding:

  1. Know your limits. Before you begin wedding planning, consider who’s going to contribute financially and who’s going to help out. …
  2. Buy off-season. …
  3. Consider the season. …
  4. Buy in bulk. …
  5. DIY when possible. …
  6. Keep things low-key. …
  7. Plan ahead. …
  8. Shop around.

How much does a middle class Indian wedding cost?

The average middle-class wedding cost in India has already reached above INR 10 lakhs. It is very important to get your cost calculations right.

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How much do you give for a Chinese wedding in Malaysia?

As in Malay and Indian weddings, you will be bringing an ang pau (monetary gift) for the newlyweds in a red packet. There is no set amount to give, so depending on how close you are to the couple and where the wedding is hosted at, it can range anywhere from RM100-RM5000.

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