How much is a iPhone 11 Pro Max in Singapore?

Prices at the Apple retail store range from S$1,149 for the 64GB iPhone 11 to S$1,899 for the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro and S$2,349 for the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How much does a iPhone 11 Pro Max cost in Singapore?

With the Pro Max devices, the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost SG$1800, 256GB of storage will be SG$2040, and the 512GB version tops out at SG$2350.

How much is an iPhone 11 in Singapore?

73 from NewEgg. The Apple iPhone 11 features a 6.1″ display, 12 + 12MP back camera, 12MP front camera, and a 3110mAh battery capacity.

Apple iPhone 11 Price in Singapore by Variants.

Variants Price Store
Apple iPhone 11 64GB White S$ 998.00 Shopee
Apple iPhone 11 64GB Red S$ 870.00 Shopee

How much does the iPhone 11 Pro Max cost now?

iPhone 11 Pro Max price

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MSRP Verizon
iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB) $1099 $850+
iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB) $1249 $1075+
iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB) $1449 $1222+

In which country iPhone 11 Pro Max is cheapest?

Basically, the cheapest countries to buy iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB are Japan (US$1,228.5), Russia (US$1,407.98), Mexico (US$1,445.1), United States (US$1,367.66), and United Arab Emirates (US$1,376.38).

Price Deal

Country Price
1 Japan 10% VAT -10% US$1,228 ¥135,800
2 Russia 20% VAT -12% US$1,564US$1,408 113.990 ₽

Which country has cheapest iPhone?

Have a look at the best countries where you can buy the cheapest iPhone.

  • United States of America (USA) The tax system in the USA is a little complicated. …
  • Japan. The iPhone 12 Series is priced the least in Japan. …
  • Canada. The iPhone 12 Series prices are very similar to their USA counterparts. …
  • Dubai. …
  • Australia.


What is the price of iPhone 12 in Singapore?

The cheapest price of Apple iPhone 12 in Singapore is SGD999 from Shopee.

Apple iPhone 12 Price in Singapore by Variants.

Variants Price Store
Apple iPhone 12 128GB Blue S$ 1,149.00 Shopee
Apple iPhone 12 128GB Black S$ 1,149.00 Shopee

Is iPhone 11 or 12 better?

However, Apple has trimmed the bezel around the Super Retina XDR displays in all iPhone 12 models, resulting in a slightly more expansive screen-to-body ratio. According to Apple’s measurements, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter than the 6.1-inch iPhone 11.

Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPhone 11?

Apple iPhone 11 price in Dubai and UAE starts at Rs 57,100 and is almost Rs 7,800 cheaper. In Dubai and UAE, Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) sells at 2,949 Dirham after taxes which translates to around Rs 57,100 in India.

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Is iPhone 12 available in Singapore?

iPhone 12 Series in Singapore

iPhones 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are made available from 23/10/2020 in Singapore stores!

Does Apple still sell iPhone 11 Pro Max in store?

Starting Tuesday, Apple is no longer offering the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the high-end devices it launched in 2019. … While Apple has killed off some older iPhone offerings, it has continued selling several older devices, which means it now sells a phone at nearly every price point.

Why is the iPhone 11 Pro Max discontinued?

Apple is speculated to have discontinued its previously launched iPhones, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. … The reason behind this move is speculated to be the launch of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, who have the similar Tripple Rear camera setup to the 2019 flagship iPhones.

What is the cheapest phone in the world?

An Indian company has launched what is being billed as the world’s cheapest smartphone. Ringing Bells said their Freedom 251 phone would cost just 251 rupees or under $4.

In which country iPhone is most expensive?

Brazil has by far the most expensive iPhone 12 in the world, at least for now

  • Italy: US$996.
  • Portugal: US$984.
  • Mexico: US$967.
  • France: US$961.
  • India: US$944.
  • Japan: US$795.
  • Hong Kong: US$774.
  • United States: US$729.


Which country has cheapest phones?

The findings are astonishing. USA, Hong Kong, Japan and UAE (Dubai) are the cheapest places to buy the iPhone 12 series, while India is one of the most expensive places. In Hong Kong, for example, iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) costs HK$5999 (or approx Rs 56,804) but in India, the same model will set you back by Rs 69,900.

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