Is Miss Saigon OK for kids?

Is the show appropriate for Children: From Starlight, “Parents should be advised that Miss Saigon is a musical with adult themes and is not appropriate for children. This show strives to portray authentic wartime events through artistic expression.

Is Miss Saigon suitable for a 12 year old?

A lot of people might wonder why I decided to bring my kids to see Miss Saigon. Miss Saigon is a musical intended for audiences 14+ due to adult content and language. It’s also a musical with an Asian storyline with a primarily Asian cast.

Is six the musical suitable for a 10 year old?

Re: The Musical Six – appropriate for kids? It should be fine for a 10 year old. Like others have said there are some more adult references but far less than they probably already see in other media. Tonally it plays well to a younger audience and it is quite a small theatre with a relaxed atmosphere.

Is the musical Cats kid friendly?

AGES 4-9 Children are transfixed by the human-size felines that interact with the audience throughout the show. AGES 10+ Energetic choreography, imaginative costumes, the unique cat make-up and an amazing set that takes up thå entire theatre help create a visually and musically spectacular experience for all ages.

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Is hadestown appropriate for a 12 year old?

Hadestown is recommended for ages 8+. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theater.

Is Come From Away appropriate for a 13 year old?

Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre. Come From Away: Recommended for 10+. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

What age is Les Miserables suitable for?

Les Miserables is an emotionally charged musical drama. It remains faithful to the original story, but this screen version is more intense than the stage version. It is likely to be too disturbing for children under 13 years as well as some older teenagers.

Where can you watch six the musical?

Watch Six by Sondheim Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How long is the musical six?

The show, long on wordplay (“Live in consort!”) and short on running time (80 minutes), is coming to Broadway next year. “Six” will begin performances Feb. 13 and open March 12 at the Brooks Atkinson Theater, produced by Kenny Wax, Wendy and Andy Barnes, George Stiles and Kevin McCollum.

Are cats bad kids?

Cats can carry infectious diseases that can be harmful to your child. They usually pass them on by scratching or through their poo. You or your child could develop an infection if you: touch cat poo or something contaminated with cat poo.

Is the Cats movie inappropriate?

While there’s no overt violence, sexual content, or strong language, a conniving cat does tie up other cats and threatens them, characters speak suggestively at times, and the “digital fur” technology used for the film results in the actors’ human bodies appearing sensuously feline-like — especially those of the …

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What is the story of Cats The Musical?

It tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make the “Jellicle choice”, deciding which cat will ascend to the Heaviside layer and come back to a new life. The musical includes the well-known song “Memory” as sung by Grizabella.

Is Come From Away kid friendly?

While you’re wondering about taking your kids along, we recommend the show for ages 10 and up. We all know that they might not have the same perspective as us older generations with September 11, but with no intermission, you’ll be surprised how the time moves fast as you’re captivated from one song to the next.

Is Dear Evan Hansen kid friendly?

Dear Evan Hansen is appropriate for a fourteen year old, and was made to target that age group in the first place. Every teenager can relate to the characters of the show in some way and if you have the opportunity to see it, I urge you to do so.

Is Book of Mormon appropriate for 13 year olds?

“It’s not for everyone,” says Harvard Medical School psychologist Anthony Rao, laughing at the self-evidence of his statement even as he utters it. But I think it’s for plenty of us, even kids as young as 15 or 16. (The show carries no minimum age for entry.)

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