Is piggery profitable in the Philippines?

Hog raising in the Philippines has been a profitable business for Filipinos through the decades. … An average Filipino family usually raises a small number of pigs to augment their daily needs. While both parents are busy with their work, children may help in raising a few piglets until they reach their marketable age.

How much does it cost to start a piggery business in the Philippines?

If you’re looking to start a piggery business and start from breeding the pigs, you have to purchase the sow (female feral hog). The cost of a sow is around Php12, 000 – Php14, 000. Before it gives birth, you would have to wait four (4) to six (6) months.

How much does a pig make in the Philippines?

12m – 1.86m per head of fattening pig from 100 to 200 pounds. 32m – 3.25m per boar.

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How much does it cost to start a piggery business?

There are two (2) approaches to start your piggery business:

It usually weighs 12kgs – 20kgs that costs 1,600 – 2,000pesos per head. After three months, you can now sell your fully grown well-developed pigs. The second one is by breeding. You acquire a sow that costs 12,000pesos and will give birth after 114days.

Is it profitable to raise pigs?

Generally, in the US from 1 pig, you can get a net profit of 100- $ 500 after half a year of farming depending on how you sell the pig’s meat, (whether you will process its meat or no and how you will feed it). 1 pound pork is usually sold for $ 2-4. Most often the price is around $ 3.5 per pound.

How do I succeed in piggery business?

How to become successful in piggery business

  1. Invest in good feeding/treatment. For a pig to grow and bring good yields, one has to invest in feeding it well coupled with subjecting it to good living conditions and treatment in case need arises. …
  2. Invest in a water tank. …
  3. Invest in good structures. …
  4. Be in charge.


How much is native pigs in the Philippines?

Even native pigs’ heads can have a high average price of P100 per kilo at farm gate since bulk buying can average P1,000 for 10 kilos. The Philippines has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to market native pigs for lechon.

What is the best feeds for pigs in the Philippines?

Feedpro is the first and leading natural plant and Probiotic-based hog feed in the Philippines that effectively reduces piggery odor and produces safe and healthy meat.

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How much does a pig eat in 6 months?

Since feed is going to be your biggest expense, we’ll start there. How much feed is it going to take to get those feeder pigs up to weight at 6 months? A pig will eat around 800 pounds of feed from weaning until 6 months old.

How much is a full grown pig worth?

Finished hanging weight was approximately 150 pounds per pig, which means about $2.50 per pound hanging weight. Local farms charge $4 per pound hanging weight, and then charge the buyer for slaughtering and butchering fees on top of that. The same pig, purchased from a local farm would have cost around $600.

How much should I sell my pig for?

Market pigs sell for between $2.00 and $4.00 a pound with an average price of $3.50 per pound. Processing fees (butchering, cutting, and wrapping) vary based on the butcher.

How much do pig farmers make per year?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers salary statistics for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers as of May 2018, but it does not break out data for pig farmers or swine herder in particular: Median Annual Salary: $67,950. Top 10% Annual Salary: $136,940. Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $35,440.

How much does a pig eat per day in KG?

On an average 4 – 8 kg swill is needed per pig per day. A breeding boar requires 2-2.5 kg concentrate per 100 kg weight depending on the age, condition and breeding demand.

What livestock makes the most money?

Beef cattle are generally the most profitable and easiest livestock to raise for profit. Beef cattle simply require good pasture, supplemental hay during the winter, fresh water, vaccinations and plenty of room to roam. You can buy calves from dairy farms inexpensively to start raising beef cattle.

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What is the best farm animal to raise for profit?

The 8 Best Profitable Farm Animals

  1. Chickens. The first animal that you probably think about having on your homestead is probably chickens. …
  2. Goats. Goats are becoming one of the most popular homesteading livestock choices. …
  3. Bees. …
  4. Quail. …
  5. Rabbits. …
  6. Cattle. …
  7. Pigs. …
  8. Sheep.


How much does a 250 pound pig cost?

For the 250 pound hogs yielding more than 75 percent the total wholesale weight is 31,861pounds and is valued at $26,582 or $132.91 per head.

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