Is Singapore Press Holdings owned by government?

Singapore’s news industry is dominated by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), a corporation created by the merger of two newspaper groups. While not government-owned, it is closely supervised by the political leadership. Its flagship title and de facto national paper is the English-language Straits Times, founded in 1845.

Is Singapore Press Holdings under the government?

SINGAPORE: The Government is supportive of Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) proposal to restructure itself and transfer its media business to a not-for-profit entity, and is prepared to provide funding support, said the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) on Thursday (May 6).

Is SPH a monopoly?

1983: Straits Times Press is merged with Times Publishing Berhad and Singapore News & Publications, forming the government-controlled publishing monopoly Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Who owns Zaobao?

Lianhe Zaobao

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Singapore Press Holdings
Publisher Singapore Press Holdings
Founded 16 March 1983 (merger between Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Jit Poh)
Language Chinese

Is Mediacorp owned by the government?

Mediacorp is a state-funded media conglomorate in Singapore. Owned by Temasek Holdings, a state-owned investment company, it operates television, radio, and digital properties.

Who owns Singapore Press Holding?

The current “largest” shareholder by ordinary share is DBS Nominees Pte. Ltd. It was followed by the operating unit of Citibank, HSBC, United Overseas Bank and other banks, that provide fiduciary or nominee services. Other private companies and individuals owned less than 1% of the ordinary share each.

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Who controls media in Singapore?

State-owned MediaCorp owns and operates all seven free-to-air terrestrial local television channels licensed to broadcast in Singapore, as well as 14 radio channels. Radio and television stations are all government-owned entities.

Does Temasek own SPH?

Obviously the government owns MUCH MORE than 1.4% of the ordinary shares you credited in SPH, and its influence much more widespread. Temasek Holdings isn’t the only state-shared property investing in SPH.

Does SPH own CNA?

CNA (an initialism of its former name, Channel NewsAsia) is an English-language news channel based in Singapore. … It is run by Mediacorp News Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of the Singapore media conglomerate Mediacorp Pte Ltd.

What does SPH stand for?

The abbreviation SPH stands for Sphere. It describes the amount of lens measured in diopters that you need for good vision. The term means that the correction for your sight is spherical.

What time does Wanbao come out?

When in 2021 will newspapers not be published?

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Publication Name Time
Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报) 5am
Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报) 3.30pm
Shin Min Daily News (新明日报) 3.30pm
Berita Harian 6am

Who owns Temasek?

Temasek Holdings

Type State-owned enterprise
Key people Lim Boon Heng (Chairman) Cheng Wai Keung (Deputy Chairman) Ho Ching (Exec. Director & CEO)
Total assets S$306 billion (2020)
Owner Government of Singapore
Number of employees 800 (2020)

What is censored in Singapore?

Censorship in Singapore mainly targets political, racial, religious issues and homosexual content as defined by out-of-bounds markers.

It comes as no surprise that the largest social network in Singapore is the leading video streaming provider YouTube, followed by the messenger app WhatsApp and the social media giant Facebook.

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