Is Trung a Vietnamese name?

The name Trung is primarily a gender-neutral name of Vietnamese origin that means Medium.

Is Trung a male or female name?

Usage: Trung is a popular first name. It is more often used as a unisex (male and female) name.

What is the most common Vietnamese last name?

Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese surname / family name.

What is the most common Vietnamese first name?

The most common are Le, Pham, Tran, Ngo, Vu, Do, Dao, Duong, Dang, Dinh, Hoang and Nguyen – the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. About 50 percent of Vietnamese have the family name Nguyen. The given name, which appears last, is the name used to address someone, preceded by the appropriate title.

Is Trung a surname?

It is the 4,622nd most frequently held surname worldwide It is held by around 1 in 59,972 people. It occurs mostly in Asia, where 100 percent of Trung reside; 100 percent reside in Southeast Asia and 99 percent reside in Viet-Asia. It is also the 1,136th most common given name internationally.

What is the meaning of Trung?

[ syll. trun(g), tr-u-ng ] The baby boy name Trung is pronounced as TRAH-NG †. The origin of Trung is the Vietnamese language. The name is of the meaning loyalty.

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How do you pronounce Nguyen in Vietnamese?

Southern Vietnamese tend to clip some of their sounds, so Nguyen would be pronounced something like “Win” or “Wen.” Northern Vietnamese would keep it, giving a pronunciation more like “N’Win” or “Nuh’Win,” all done as best you can in one syllable.

Do Vietnamese have middle names?

Most Vietnamese have one middle name, but it is quite possible to have two or more of them or to have no middle name at all.

Are Vietnamese Chinese?

The Vietnamese people or Kinh people (Vietnamese: người Kinh) are a Southeast Asian ethnic group originally native to modern-day Northern Vietnam and South China. The native language is Vietnamese, the most widely spoken Austroasiatic language.

What is the nickname of Vietnam?

In English, the two syllables are usually combined into one word, “Vietnam”. However, “Viet Nam” was once common usage and is still used by the United Nations and by the Vietnamese government.

Is Vietnam a poor country?

As in many other developing countries, hunger and poverty in Vietnam has existed for a significant amount of time. From one of the poorest countries in the World with per capita income below US$100 per year, Vietnam is now a middle income country with per capita income of US$1,910 by the end of 2013. …

Is Trang a Vietnamese name?

Trang is a Vietnamese surname. It was formerly written as both 章 and 莊 in Chữ Nho, a script now almost entirely obsolete. The former is derived from the Chinese surname Zhang, the latter from Zhuang.

Is Phan a Vietnamese last name?

Phan (surname), a Vietnamese family name.

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Is Minh a female name?

Minh (Chữ Nôm: 明) is popular unisex given name of Vietnamese origin, written using the Chinese character (明) meaning “bright,” popular in East Asian names.

Is Vo a Vietnamese last name?

The 14 most popular surnames in Vietnam account for well over 90 percent of the population: they’re Nguyen, Tran, Le, Pham, Hoang/Huynh, Phan, Vu/Vo, Dang, Bui, Do, Ho, Ngo, Duong and Ly. The Vietnamese surname does not indicate much more than that you are a Vietnamese.

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