Is Win Thai actor Rich?

According to some online resources, the hottest Thai actor Win Metawin Opas-Iakajorn has a current estimated net worth around $1 Million – $5 Million Dollars approximate as of 2020.

Is Win Metawin family rich?

In fact, Win Metawin Lin Hanzhou (Ying Zai) is the son of a wealthy Thai family. He has a well-earned family, and he was an exchange student in the United States. … During the 2020 conscription work in Thailand, 21-year-old Win was exempted from the lottery because the number of people in his jurisdiction was full.

Is Bright Vachirawit rich?

Bright Vachirawit Chiva-Aree Current Net Worth

According to various online resources, the hottest Thail actor Vachirawit Chiva-Aree has an estimated current net worth is around $2 Million – $3 Million dollars approximate as of 2020 but in 2021 his net worth is under review.

Is Metawin win half Chinese?

Metawin Opas-iamkajorn (เมธวิน โอภาสเอี่ยมขจร; born 21 February 1999), better known as Win (วิน), is a Thai actor of Thai Chinese descent. He is known for his acting debut and leading role as Tine in 2gether: The Series (2020), which brought him to international prominence.

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How old is Metawin?

22 года ()

Is Metawin single?

Girlfriend & Relationship Details of Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn. About Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn’s girlfriend and relationship, He is currently single, according to information he is not dating anyone right now.

Why is Metawin so rich?

The primary source of “Win Metawin Opas-Iakajorn” earning money is being a Professional Thai Actor, Host, and Model from Thailand Entertainment Industry and also he is promoting some brand products through the modeling.

Who is the highest paid Thai actor?

The Top 6 Highest Paid Thai TV Drama Actors of 2019

  1. Nadech Kugimiya. With his high popularity, Nadech Kugimiya is reported to receive 200,000 Baht per episode.
  2. James Jirayu. James Jirayu is another popular actor of Thai TV3. …
  3. Mario Maurer. …
  4. Boy Pakorn. …
  5. Weir Sukollawat. …
  6. Mark Prin.

Does Bright have a girlfriend now?

Bright Vachirawit is reportedly in a relationship with a non-celebrity girl. They’re now together for 3 years. According to his last interview, they’re friends on Facebook since he was in grade 9-10 in high school.

Who is the father of bright Vachirawit?

Get to know more about rising Thai actor Bright Chiva-aree—his stories, his memorable events, and fun facts about him that you, somehow, didn’t notice. 1 Bright is the only child of Chutikan Chiva-aree, his mom’s name, a Thai and Chinese descent.

Is Win Metawin left handed?

– Actually i’m left-handed but my farther tried to change me to right-handed so now i’m right-handed but I sometime still use left hand too.

Do bright Vachirawit have a girlfriend?

Following the episode, Bright’s girlfriend, Weeraya S., retweeted a tweet that accused the virology lab in China of housing 1,500 species of animals, including bats, to test for vaccines.

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Who is bright and win?

Vachirawit Chiva-aree, more popularly known as Bright, stars as Sarawat Metawin, playing opposite Opas-iamkajorn, or Win as Tine.

Win Metawin debuted as an actor in a TV series ‘2gether The Series’. He becomes a popular rising actor after playing this TV series. He has 1 million followers on Instagram now.

Does Win Metawin have a sibling?

Win Metawin Facts:

– He has three siblings, two older sisters and one younger brother.

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