What do Thai stink beans taste like?

Stink beans have a bit of a strong taste and aroma. Some compare them to natural gas, and though I do admit that they have a bit of a “gassy” taste, it’s glorious at the same time. The real aroma comes a few hours after eating a bunch of stink beans, when you urinate, and the strong smell of sulfur is released.

Is stink bean good for you?

Parkia speciosa Hassk., or stink bean, is a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. It is consumed either raw or cooked. It has been used in folk medicine to treat diabetes, hypertension, and kidney problems. It contains minerals and vitamins.

Why are stink beans called stink beans?

Like mature broad beans, they may have to be peeled before cooking. Petai has earned its nickname ‘stink bean’ because its strong smell is very pervasive. It lingers in the mouth and body.

How does petai taste like?

Colloquially called stink bean, the petai bean (parkia speciosa) is so pungent, if you do not like it, you may even find it offensive to be near those who eat it. It also has a bitter edge and is an acquired taste. The petai’s characteristic flavour is due to cyclic polysulphides, one of the bean’s major compounds.

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Do stink beans smell?

With a high concentration of amino acids, the nutrition packed bean has an aroma that some say could pass as methane gas – but in a scrumptious sort of way! The smell doesn’t end at the meal, the scent of stink beans will follow you in a similar way that asparagus makes its comeback: well represented in your urine.

Why is petai smelly?

So whatever is responsible for the urine smell most likely happens after ingestion. Inside our body, a set of digestive enzymes may be produced to break down the petai into various chemical compounds. One of those compounds could be methyl mercaptan, a compound notoriously known for its stench.

Which beans are toxic?

As it turns out, the toxin Phytohaemagglutinin occurs naturally in several kinds of raw beans, including broad beans, white kidney beans, and red kidney beans. This toxin causes gastroenteritis, an unpleasant condition that sends most folks to the bathroom.

Is eating petai good?

They can also be eaten raw. Petai beans are rich in fibre, iron, potassium and tryptophan — an amino acid that may help boost mood and sleep — said the NUS authors. Other purported health benefits include lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, and alleviating constipation.

Where are stink beans grown?

Bitter Bean or Stink Bean is found naturally growing wild in undisturbed lowland rainforest and often cultivated in Malay kampongs. In Malaysia, the Orang Asli will harvest the Stink Beans and sell them for a handsome profit.

How long does it take for petai to cook?

Heat the oil in a medium frying pan or wok on medium heat and fry the paste for a couple of minutes until fragrant. Add the water and simmer, uncovered, for about 10 minutes until slightly reduced. Add the prawns and petai and cook for about 3-5 minutes until the prawns are cooked through, depending on their size.

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What are Thai stink beans?

Known as bitter bean, twisted cluster bean, or stink bean, the Parkia speciosa bears long, flat edible beans with bright green seeds the size and shape of plump almonds which have a rather peculiar smell, characterised by some as being similar to natural gas. … In Thailand the seeds are usually eaten in stir fries.

Can dogs eat stink beans?

The short answer is yes. Beans are a safe food for dogs to eat. They’re non-toxic and have vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to your dog.

How do you cut petai?

Lay your petai on a flat surface.

  1. Using a small knife, place the butt of the blade at a 15° to 20° angle against a bean pod.
  2. To slice, drag your knife from butt to tip across the pod in one single motion. Don’t worry if you cut into the bean.


What petai means in English?

Petai in English. Parkia speciosa (petai, bitter bean, twisted cluster bean, stinker or stink bean) is a plant of the genus Parkia in the family Fabaceae.

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