What do you wear to a Cambodian temple?

+ Light, airy, breathable fabric: The lighter and breezier, the better! You’ll feel cooler than if you’re wearing a heavy fabric! + Bright colors: Because the majority of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples are grey, bright colors really stand out.

What should you not wear in Cambodia?

Don’t: Dress Too Skimpy

Local men typically wear collared, short-sleeved shirts and long pants. Although wearing shorts and a T-shirt is fine for tourists, you should try not to cause locals to feel embarrassed by your attire. Avoid short shorts, miniskirts, tight yoga pants, or other clothing that is too revealing.

Can you wear jeans to Temple?

To visit any temple, it is respectful to cover your knees and your shoulders. You should not wear sleeveless shirts, but a sarong will be given to you to cover your legs. … Jeans and t shirt should be just nice.

What should I wear in Siem Reap?

Siem Reap

  • Linen capri pants that cover the knee (but are open at the bottom to let the air flow in)
  • A loose cotton swoop-neck t-shirt that covers the shoulders (but allows air flow to the neck and back)
  • Comfortable walking shoes, either Teva-like sandals or tennis shoes.
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Do and don’ts in Cambodia?

Don’ts in Cambodia

Please DO NOT touch or pat the head of people, even children. Similarly, as the feet are the lowest parts of the body, DO NOT use your feet to point at someone or something, to get the attention of someone or to push an object to someone.

What is considered rude in Cambodia?

Cambodian parents always tell their children not to touch or pat another person’s head because it is a sin. When standing or posing for a picture, a younger person never puts his/her hand on an elder’s shoulder. It is considered very rude. When talking, take off hats and don’t put hands in pockets.

What do girls wear in Cambodia?

Most Cambodians dress up casually except when they are attending formal events. It is common to see men and women using Krama, a Long, Narrow checked cotton cloth round their neck. The krama is just like a piece of clothe.

Can we wear leggings to Tirupati?

Next time when you visit Tirumala and have the special break darshan of Lord Venkateshwara temple, ensure that you do not wear bermudas, shorts, mini-skirts, middies, sleeveless tops and for that matter, low-waist jeans and short-length T-shirts. Otherwise, you will not be allowed into the temple.

Can I wear dress to Temple?

The temple says women should not wear modern outfits – jeans, skirts, mini-skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops. … Girls aged under 12 can wear gowns up to their feet. Men are supposed to wear dhoti or trousers and shirt with or without a shalya.

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Can you wear sleeveless to Temple?

Sleeveless tops, leggings and three-fourths will not be allowed. The temple’s dress code for women allowed them to be clad in saris, dhoties or skirts according to their age. … But women devotees wearing pants and churidar cover it with a dhoti to enter the temple.

Can you wear flip flops to Angkor Wat?

As the Angkor Wat complex is a religious site you can`t enter some of the temples with shorts or a top that is showing your shoulders. … The ground on some of the temples is very rugged and you have to climb some stairs as well, so I wouldn`t recommend flip flops.

What’s the best currency to take to Cambodia?

The basics

Cambodian Riel (KHR) and United States Dollar (USD). The riel is their national currency, however, USD is widely accepted and generally preferred. This often means you will get your change in both USD and riel, which can be rielly confusing.

Is there a dress code at Angkor Wat?

Appropriate attire when visiting temples in Angkor Wat is long pants (covering the knee) and shirts that cover shoulders. Skirts, small shorts, tank tops, and other items of revealing clothing are not allowed within temple grounds.

What is the most common job in Cambodia?

The garment industry is the most important part of Cambodia’s manufacturing sector, and one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economy, accounting for about 80% of all exports, and employing around 700,000 workers, around 90% of whom are women.

What is the best time to visit Cambodia?

Best Season to Visit Cambodia

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The cool season, between November and early March, is a great time to travel, as you’ll enjoy both lower temperatures and dry, sunny days. December and January see temperatures in the mid-20s, making them the most popular (and crowded) months to visit.

Do people eat bugs in Cambodia?

Today, Cambodia continues to eat and embrace insects. They are more than a street food staple here, more than a culinary gimmick for tourists, and can be found in markets and on restaurant menus all around the country.

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