What does Chan mean in Khmer?

What does Chan mean in Cambodian?

Popular Baby Names , origin Cambodian

Name Meaning Origin
Chan moon; Monday Cambodian
Chankrisna a sweet-smelling tree Cambodian
Chankrisna a sweet-smelling tree Cambodian
Chanlina moonlight Cambodian

What does the name Chan mean?

It is of Chinese and Spanish origin. The Sanskrit name Chan means “shining”.

What does Dara mean in Khmer?

In Khmer, Thai and Lao, Dara is an unisex name meaning “star”. In Punjabi, Dara means “leader”.

What is the most common last name in Cambodia?

Most Common Last Names In Cambodia

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Sok 227,594
2 Chan 219,516
3 Chea 217,800
4 San 212,054

How do you say Moon in Cambodian?

Chhan (chaan) / “moon”

Is Chan for male or female?

Honorifics are gender neutral, but some are used more for one gender than the other. Kun, for example, is used more for males while chan is for females. Honorifics are generally required when referring to someone, but sometimes they must be dropped altogether.

Is Chan a male or female name?

The name Chan is primarily a female name of Chinese origin that means Snow.

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What last name is Chan?

Chan was the ninth-most common Chinese surname in Singapore as of 1997 (ranked by English spelling, rather than by Chinese characters). Roughly 48,400 people, or 1.9% of the Chinese Singaporean population, bore the surname Chan.

What does Ayla mean?

Meaning:deer or gazelle. Pronounced AY-lah, the name comes from the boys’ name Elah. It has a charming, feminine connotation (thanks to its meaning “deer” or “gazelle”) and the “la” suffix. Ayla came on the American radar in the late 1980s, after “The Clan of the Cave Bear” movie featured a character named Ayla.

What does Dara mean in Japanese?

Dara Dara is a word that expresses something being sloppy and lazy. The something can be an animal or a human being. This word can be used in sound effects or in every day conversations. A synonym for this word will be Noro Noro (のろのろ).

What does odara mean in Yoruba?

MEANING: The word “Odara” derives from the Brazilian indigenous Ioruba word “dara”, meaning “gorgeous”. Many Yoruba words are used in the Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomblé.

What is the most common last name in Bangladesh?


Rank Name Romanization
1 আক্তার Akter
2 ইসলাম Islam
3 খাতুন Khatun
4 হোসেন Hossain

Which is the most rare surname in India?

Most Common Last Names In India

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Devi 70,362,192
2 Singh 34,838,027
3 Kumar 31,111,248
4 Das 11,368,810

Why do Asians have common last names?

Place of origin: In ancient times, some people took the name of the region or state they were in as a last name, as a showing of collective national identity. 3. Occupation: Some of the oldest Chinese names originated from occupation or noble titles. “Wang” (which literally means “king”) falls into this category.

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