What does yum yum mean in Thailand?

Yum, meaning “mix,” is a hearty dish consisting mostly of meat, fish, or seafood together with many other typically Thai ingredients which may include peanuts, fruit, and herbs. …

Why is it called a yum yum?

The origin of the name is lost in the mists of time but it is believed that Yum Yums originated in Holland where they were a well-known delicacy, particularly around Christmas and Lent time when the Dutch took some “fried cakes” and shaped them into decorative knots then rolled them in sugar.

What are yum yums made of?


500g strong white bread flour
30g sugar
80g unsalted butter, chilled and diced
250g water (a tiny bit warm)
1 medium egg

What does yummy mean in text?

Slang – Yummy. Meaning – Delicious. This expression can be used to describe something that is pleasing to the senses. Yummy can also be used to describe anything that you find extremely attractive or appealing. If you call a man or woman yummy it means you find them attractive.

What does yum mean?

YUM means “Said when something tastes good or is attractive”

What does yum yum mean in English?

yum-yum in American English

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(ˈjʌmˈjʌm) interjection. (used to express enjoyment or satisfaction, esp. in the taste of food)

What’s the difference between a Yum Yum and a Doughnut?

Yum Yum Doughnuts. If you’re familiar with supermarket baking aisles and Gregg’s bakery range, then you’ve probably eaten at least once in your life a delicious Yum Yum. Dripping in gloriously sweet icing, a Yum Yum is basically a twisted doughnut, but flakier and stretchier than a standard doughnut.

Do Yum Yum Donuts have eggs?

“Attached are ingredients for Yum Yum’s two basic donut ingredients: plain white cake donut and raised glazed donut. … The raised glazed ingredients cover the twist, bars, cinnamon rolls, butterflies, and other raised products. All our bakery products contain egg.”

Are Yum Yums Doughnuts?

Pretty much, yes. A yum yum is a twisted doughnut dough glazed with icing. … This is deep-fried, covered in a sugar glaze, then topped with decorations. There are six flavours available, all of which sound pretty good.

Is feeling yummy?

Love is an amazing feeling. …

What does you look yummy mean?

it’s a way to say you’re attractive. “yummy” is usually a word we use for food to say that it tastes good. See a translation. 1 like.

What is a delicious?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : affording great pleasure : delightful a delicious bit of gossip. 2 : appealing to one of the bodily senses especially of taste or smell a delicious meal delicious aromas.

Do KFC Own Taco Bell?

Yum Brands owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

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