What is a Vietnam hair?

Vietnamese hair is softer than the Brazilian and Indian hair. The natural color of Vietnamese hair is always black and they blend well with the colors of African American women and also the Europe women. They are smoothy and very beautiful. … Normally, the texture of Vietnamese bulk hair is very silky and smoothy.

What type of hair is Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese Double drawn weft natural wavy hair extensions

First of all, Vietnamese Double Drawn is made with from 100% human remy hair. The strands in one bundle of this kind of hair are combined from more than one donor. Furthermore, instead of using any machines, Laylahair makes all the strands drawn by hand.

How can you tell Vietnamese hair?

According to Gorkom, Vietnamese tresses are typically “straight, with very round and thick fibers and with a high level of black melanin.” This is rather important to know when shopping around for a new hair color, as this means bleach almost always has to be involved when dyeing your hair.

What is Vietnamese hair worth?

For hair between 28 and 32 inches long, a girl can receive $75; 16 to 29 inches is worth $50 to $60. In nearby Hanoi, the average monthly wage is around $150.

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Is Vietnamese hair thin?

This Vietnamese hair – thin hair is silk, soft and shining and thin fiber which is like Peruvian or virgin Brazilian hair. From top to bottom of hair is same texture and it was kept most natural life time before cutting. As all of donor did not use any chemical to take care their hair.

What color hair do Vietnamese have?

A natural color of Vietnamese hair is black. Therefore, about Vietnamese hair color, the natural black can blend with the hair color of women from other countries. From natural black, you can dye it into any colors: red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown…

Is Vietnamese hair better than Indian?

Just like existing hair, Vietnamese hair extensions are available in both straight, wavy, curly texture, and so on. … You may already know that raw Vietnamese hair is silky, smooth and strong. It is not coarse and rough like Indian hair. Both types of hair are good Asian hairs, and each type has a different strength.

Is Vietnamese hair good quality?

The price is affordable and they can last very long. The durability of a Vietnamese bulk hair can last up to 3.5 years. … Normally, the texture of Vietnamese bulk hair is very silky and smoothy. With 100% human natural hair, you can easily find a good bulk hair with the best quality.

Why is Vietnamese hair so thick?

According to Gorkom, Vietnamese tresses are very thick and round fibers with a high black melanin level. A high level means it is harder to change the hair color and requires professional strength bleach to do so. One thing to keep in mind is that bleach has to be always included when dyeing your hair.

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How do you take care of Vietnamese hair?

8 Ways How To Take Care of Asian Hair

  1. Choose The Right Shampoo. …
  2. Avoid Using Heat on The Hair. …
  3. Choose a Conditioner Wisely. …
  4. Use Hair Masks (once a week) …
  5. Eat Healthily. …
  6. Avoid Using Too Many Products. …
  7. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often. …
  8. Try Coconut Oil (every 2 weeks)

How can I import from Vietnam?

Import from Vietnam to India, step by step procedures

  1. Step by step procedures to import to India.
  2. Learn Exports Imports Free, Click here.
  3. Click here to know GST rate of your goods or service.
  4. Is letter of credit safe mode of payment?
  5. IGM amendment (Import General Manifest Amendment)
  6. Import clearance under high sea sales.


Do Vietnamese have wavy hair?

But Cambodian hair still have very soft and silky hair and Vietnamese hair still have very coarse and thick hair. And main difference of them is Cambodian hair have a lot of natural wavy/curly hair while all most Vietnamese hair is straight.

What is Mongolian hair?

Mongolian hair is a cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair. … The hair is soft and shiny and comes in a range of different colors beyond the browns to the light blonde’s as well as different styles, straight and wavy. The range of style such as straight to wavy makes the hair extremely versatile.

What is raw Cambodian hair?

100% raw and unprocessed hair sourced from Cambodia with cuticles running in the same direction. Hair cut directly from a single donor. Completely pure. NO synthetic fibers. Thick from root to tip with naturally tapered ends.

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