What is class 4 license in Singapore?

Class 4 vehicles consist of heavy motor cars and motor tractors, the weight of which unladen exceeds 2,500 kilograms.

How do I get a Class 4 license in Singapore?

For Class 4 License:

  1. Enroll in a licensed driving school.
  2. Obtain a provisional driving license.
  3. Take driving lessons.
  4. As required in SSDC’s training curriculum, you will need to pass its Internal Driving Assessment Test before you will be allowed to take the Class 4 practical driving test conducted by Traffic Police.


How much does it cost to get class 4 license?


Enrolment Fee $12.84
Theory Lesson – 1 lesson (30 minutes) $10.70
1 session (10-15 minutes) warm up practical lesson @$32.10 per session $32.10
Vehicle Rental for Practical Test $74.90

How many types of driving license are there in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are 11 classes of driving license which may be obtained. These classes are 1, 2B, 2A, 2, 3, 3A, 3C, 3CA, 4A, 4, and 5. Class 1 licenses are for invalid carriages and can only be obtained by those who have physical disabilities.

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What are the four types of licenses?

Different Driver’s License Types

  • Class D. Although it may seem odd to jump into the middle of the alphabet to start, a Class D license is the most common type of driver’s license. …
  • Junior License (DJ) …
  • Commercial Driver’s License (Class A, B, and C) …
  • Taxi and Livery (Class E) …
  • Motorcycles.

What is class 5 license Singapore?

Classes of driving licence

Class Type Minimum age
4A Omnibus 21
4 Heavy motor vehicles of unladen weight exceeding 2500 kg which are constructed to carry load or passengers. 21
5 Heavy motor vehicles not constructed to carry any load and the unladen weight exceeds 7250 kg. 21

What is a Class 1 and Class 2 driver?

The difference is very simple – a Class 1 licence allows you to drive a category C+E vehicle, which is basically an articulated lorry, or artic. A Class 2 licence allows you to drive a category C vehicle, or what is frequently referred to as a rigid.

What can you drive on a Class 4 Licence?

A holder of a Class 4 learner or full licence can drive:

  • a rigid vehicle (including any tractor) with a GLW of more than 18,000kg.
  • a combination vehicle consisting of a rigid vehicle with a GLW of more than 18,000kg towing a light trailer.
  • vehicles covered in classes 1 and 2, but not Class 3.

What is a BC Class 4 driver’s license?

A Class 4 Unrestricted licence allows drivers to operate commercial vehicles including: Buses with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons (including school bus drivers, special activity buses and vehicles used to transport people with disabilities)

How do I get my class 4 license in BC?

*If you pass your test using a vehicle with a seating capacity of up to 10 (including the driver), you will receive a restricted Class 4 licence (the minimum required for ride-hailing). If you pass your test using a vehicle with seating for 11-25, an unrestricted Class 4 licence will be granted.

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Is Singapore driving license international?

The International Drivers Permit (IDP) is recognized worldwide as a valuable document, identifying motorists as legally-licensed drivers. … If you do require an IDP then you also need to carry your Singapore drivers’ licence as well. The IDP doesn’t replace your Singapore drivers’ licence. The IDP is valid for one year.

How much does a driving license cost in Singapore?

Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?

Driving School Private Driving Instructor
Practical Driving Test $33 $33
Practical Test Car Rental $195.81 to $231.12 $195.81 to $231.12
Driver’s License Fee $50 $50
ESTIMATED TOTAL $1,860 to $2,400 $1,340 to $1,790

How fast can you get a driving license in Singapore?

Usually, when it comes to getting a license, the process takes 3-6 months from start to finish. The bulk of the time will be spent waiting, for your Basic Theory Test(BTT), then for your Final Theory Test(FTT) and then your Traffic Police(TP) Test.

What is a Class C drivers?

A class C driver’s license is a special type of commercial driver’s license (CDL). Drivers who obtain a class C license may operate passenger vans, small hazardous materials (HAZMAT) trucks, and small trucks towing a trailer.

What is Class D license Ma?

For purposes of identification and licensing, the Massachusetts RMV issues driver’s licenses. … The most common is the passenger (Class D) license, which allows you to legally operate a passenger vehicle, van or small truck.

What GPL license means?

GPL is the acronym for GNU’s General Public License, and it’s one of the most popular open source licenses. Richard Stallman created the GPL to protect the GNU software from being made proprietary. It is a specific implementation of his “copyleft” concept.

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