What is Krup in Thai?

krup…. krup’ acknowledging what is being said at the other end. Similarly, when you collect your parking ticket from the attendants at car parks they will usually acknowledge you with a simple ‘krup’. You can reply likewise.

What is KRUB in Thai?

Both ‘Ka/Krub’ can also be used on their own as a polite way to say ‘yes’. ‘ค่ะ(Ka)’ and ‘ครับ(Krub)’ are really important things to remember, but there are many more complexities when it comes to being polite. For example, there are pronouns that have to be used appropriately.

What does aroi Mak Mak mean?

“aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.”

What is KA and Krap in Thai?

Saying ‘Hello’ in Thai

The written phrase to say hello in Thai is Sawasdee Krab/Ka. The ending Krab/Ka depends on your own gender, not the gender of the person you’re speaking to. Krab is for men and ka is for women.

What is KA and Krap?

Krap and Ka are used at the end of sentences to sound polite and show respect, to acknowledge someone or something, to keep a conversation flowing, to say yes, etc. Let’s see some examples.

Why do Thai say ka?

“In Thai ‘krub’ and ‘ka’ are polite particles added to the end of a sentence. … “The two politeness particles inserted after English sentences are caused by the L1 interference. Thai people are too worried about not sounding polite when they speak or write in English,” Tirote said.

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What does na mean in Thai?

Thai Language Tuition Blog.

The prefix “na-” (น่า) is used with many verbs and adjective in order to make adjectives describing the thing that causes the emotion. It is equivalent to the suffix “-able” or those adjectives end in “-ing” in the English language.

What does Mai Dai mean in Thai?

L7 – mai dai: cannot or did not.

What does Aroy Dee mean?

Aroy-dee. Thank you. Kop-khun. Kop-khun-kha for women and kop-khun-krub for men. Thank you very much.

What does MAI mean in Thai?

Mai – No. These two words will help you no end when you are out and about on the streets of Thailand. “chai chai“ is a common answer here in the kingdom meaning ‘yes yes’, alternately “mai“ when it precedes any other word means ‘no’, for example “mai ron“ means it is not hot.

What is Ka Pom?

What does the Thai word ‘kapom’ mean? … It’s a frequent Thai interjection used by male speakers and indeed indicates affirmation, so it can be translated as “Yes.” or “Right.” or “Aye.”

What does ka mean?

Acronym Definition
KA Key Account
KA Thousand Years Ago
KA Keep Alive
KA Knowledge Acquisition
Travel Blog