What is the most popular chat app in Singapore?

Whatsapp. Unless you don’t own a smartphone, you definitely have Whatsapp, which is the most popular messaging app in Singapore and possibly the world.

App App Name Publisher Publisher
1 Telegram Messenger Telegram FZ-LLC
2 Facebook Facebook, Inc.
3 Messenger Facebook, Inc.
4 Discord – Talk, Chat, Hang Out Discord, Inc.

What messaging app does Singapore use?

Top Social Networking Apps in Singapore of IOS App Store

Free Apps
1 WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Inc.
2 Facebook Facebook, Inc.
3 Telegram Messenger Telegram FZ-LLC
4 Messenger Facebook, Inc.

What is the most used app in Singapore?

According to the report, the top three downloaded apps for both iOS and Android operating systems in Singapore last year are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and GrabFood while the one with the highest monthly active users (MAUs) are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Characteristic Monthly active users in millions
WhatsApp* 2,000
Facebook Messenger* 1,300
Weixin / WeChat 1,225
QQ 595
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Which chat app is most used in USA?

As of September 2019, Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the United States with 106.4 million unique U.S. users. Snapchat ranked second with an audience of almost 45.98 million users.

Which country use WhatsApp most?

Top 10 WhatsApp countries ranked by largest audiences

Country Number of WhatsApp Users
United States 75.1 million
Indonesia 68.8 million
Russia 64.7 million
Mexico 62.3 million

Did Singapore use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has the highest penetration among social messaging apps in the nation, used by 4 million people in Singapore. Singapore has been using WhatsApp for government updates since October 2019, but the system hadn’t quite been put to the test until January this year.

Is WhatsApp famous in Singapore?

According to the latest We Are Social Digital 2020 Singapore Report, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Singapore as it has the most monthly active users throughout 2019.

How many Singaporeans use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the leading social messaging platform in Singapore, followed by Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, and LINE. WhatsApp is the most used social media apps in Singapore since 4 million people in the country are using it to receive government updates.

Is there a Singapore MRT app?

Explore Singapore MRT Map (ios/Android) has been rated as the best subway map of Singapore, immeasurably useful as it can get confusing with the number of lines and new ones constantly in construction.

How can I get Singapore app?

Here are our top 6 Singapore transport apps that will assist you in your travelling around Singapore on your own.

  1. CityMapper. CityMapper has all of Singapore’s transport functionalities built into one app. …
  2. MyTransport Singapore. …
  3. Grab. …
  4. gothere.sg. …
  5. SG Buses. …
  6. LocoMole.
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Does CityMapper work in Singapore?

As of July 2015, Citymapper is operational in 27 cities with Singapore being the first and the only Asian city it operates in. I’m quite excited to see them expand to more cities in Asia and around the world.

What are the top 5 most used apps?

Most Popular Free Apps – Google Play

  • Finger on the App 2.
  • Google Pay. Google’s own cashless payments app is hugely popular — particularly in markets where Android is the dominant mobile OS.
  • TikTok.
  • ZOOM Cloud Meetings. …
  • Comics Bob. …
  • IRS2Go. …
  • Tubi. …
  • Ice Man 3D.


Which app is best for secret chat?

The best private messenger apps for Android

  • Signal Private Messenger.
  • Telegram.
  • Threema.
  • Viber.
  • WhatsApp.

What is the best free chat app?

6 Best Free Messaging Apps for Android

  • Telegram – Best Overall.
  • Signal – The Most Secure One.
  • WhatsApp – The Convenient One.
  • Viber – The One For Making Friends.
  • Facebook Messenger – The One With Extra Functionality.


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