What type of education does Cambodia have?

The Cambodian education system includes pre-school, primary, secondary education, higher education and non-formal education. The education system includes the development of sport, information technology education, research development and technical education.

What is the education system in Cambodia?

Presently, after its reform in 1996, the formal educational structure of Cambodia is formulated in 6+3+3. This means 12 years for the completion of general education that divides up into six years for primary education (grade 1 to 6) and six years for secondary general education (grade 7 to 12).

Is education good in Cambodia?

Cambodia has made terrific progress in educating its children. … The number of children enrolled in primary education has increased from 82 per cent in 1997 to over 97 per cent in school year 2017/18. While progress is tangible, children in Cambodia are still failing to reach learning standards appropriate for their age.

Is there free education in Cambodia?

Children in Cambodia are entitled to nine years of free education. … They also face practical barriers to education, such as lack of transport, limited access to assistive learning devices, or do not have teachers who can respond to their learning needs.

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Why is education important in Cambodia?

Education is very important means to train and build up human resources for development of each country and it is also important for development of child as person. … According to the Cambodian constitution, it states that “the state shall provide free primary and secondary education to all citizens in public school.

Is Cambodia still a poor country?

Despite recent achievements, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia. Further economic development is hindered by the nation’s deep-rooted corruption, with most of the workforce throughout rural Cambodia unseen, toiling away in factories or subsistence farming.

Why do students dropout of school in Cambodia?

Students also drop out of school for academic reasons: About one-third of dropouts and one-fifth of at-risk students said they were unable to keep up with their lessons. About 20% of at-risk students and dropouts cite poor academic performance. Chronic absenteeism is a major contributor to dropout.

Where does Cambodia rank in education?


STAT Cambodia
Total population 73.6% Ranked 16th.
Primary education, duration > Years 6 Ranked 86th. The same as United States
Primary education, teachers per 1000 3.23 Ranked 57th.
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary 45.72 Ranked 10th. 3 times more than United States

How long is a school day in Cambodia?

The pupils attend four hours a day with two 15-minute breaks. Depending on the public school and school year, classes are offered in the morning (7-11am) or afternoon (1-5pm).

What religion is practiced in Cambodia?

Religion of Cambodia. Most ethnic Khmer are Theravada (Hinayana) Buddhists (i.e., belonging to the older and more traditional of the two great schools of Buddhism, the other school being Mahayana). Until 1975 Buddhism was officially recognized as the state religion of Cambodia.

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Is education mandatory in Cambodia?

The constitution of Cambodia promulgates free compulsory education for nine years. However, attendance at school remains low in rural areas because children are often expected to help their families with household chores and in the fields.

Does Cambodia have good healthcare?

Cambodia has made clear strides in healthcare. In 1990 the average life expectancy from birth was just 53.6 years. But between 1997 and 2019 the average life expectancy from birth rose by 13 years, from 56.2 years to 69.3 years, according to United Nations Development Program’s data.

What is the literacy rate in Cambodia?

Literacy rate goes up in Cambodia

Cambodia it has, according to UNESCO, an adult literacy rate of 80.53%. While the male literacy rate is 86.53%, for females is 75.03%, showing a gap between the sexes. In contrast with other neighbouring states is number 108º in the ranking of literacy rate.

What is the meaning of education?

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research.

How many secondary schools are there in Cambodia?

Secondary education consisted of four years at a college (lower secondary school) and an additional three years at a lycée (higher secondary school).


Number of Primary Schools: 5,026
Compulsory Schooling: 6 years
Public Expenditure on Education: 2.9%
Educational Enrollment: Primary: 2,011,772

How many subjects are there in Cambodia?

The first six years consist of five subjects, including Khmer, mathematics classes, social and science studies, physical and health education and local life skills.

Cambodia Year 2 Mathematics.

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