Where can I buy SIM card in Malaysia?

How do I get a SIM card in Malaysia?

Celcom and Maxis prepaid SIM cards are available at all major shopping centers, airports and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. A Digi Sim card is available at various authorized stores within the country while a U mobile SIM card can be purchased from not only the authorized stores but in 7-Eleven as well.

Which SIM card is best in Malaysia?

What Are The Top SIM Cards Offers for Malaysia? With the SIM2Fly Travel Prepaid, AIS provides a unique deal. As the biggest network provider in Thailand, AIS provides one of the most intertwined network coverages across Asia. Enjoy 3G/4G data in Malaysia in the most affordable way.

Can you buy a SIM card anywhere?

You can buy a prepaid SIM card for the specific country where you are traveling either online before you leave for your trip, or you can buy one from a local wireless carrier when you get to your destination.

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Can I buy Malaysia SIM card online?

It’s really easy to buy Malaysia sim card online and saves the hassle of trying to work things out on arrival after a long flight! All providers have similar coverage and are good choices.

What is the cheapest SIM card in Malaysia?

Prepaid SIM Costs

While Maxis is usually the most expensive provider, cell service (and data in particular) is relatively cheap in Malaysia no matter which company you choose. The Hotlink SIM card itself cost 10MYR ($2.50), which included 5MYR of credit valid for five days.

Which line is better in Malaysia?

According to the latest Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report, Maxis and Celcom are the top two mobile networks in Malaysia due to strong performance in their 4G networks as well as network quality.

Which prepaid plan is best in Malaysia?

Top 10+ Best Unlimited Prepaid Plans for Business in Malaysia:

  • Celcom.
  • Digi.
  • Maxis.
  • U Mobile.
  • Tune Talk.
  • Unifi.
  • Yes.
  • redONE.


How many SIM cards can a person have in Malaysia?

» Malaysians registering for prepaid services must provide their identification card and mailing address. » A person can only register up to five SIM cards per service provider.

Can I buy a Malaysian SIM card in Singapore?

It is really easy to buy this Malaysia SIM card. Just go to the Qoo10 ICC store and select your preferred SIM card package. If you have any questions, you can contact Vivian at +65 94781225 (Whatsapp only). Do not worry about the “Retail Price” of $35.

Does Walmart sell SIM cards?

Cell Phone SIM Cards – Walmart.com.

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Can I buy sim online?

According to us, ordering a SIM card online and getting it delivered has made life easy for many. … Just visit our postpaid connection page to buy a sim card online and leave the rest to us, our team will be more than happy to deliver a SIM to your doorstep at a time of your convenience.

Can I just buy a new SIM card?

Can I buy a new SIM card? The answer is yes. If your SIM card is not working or you simply want to change your cell number, you can buy a new SIM card. But, remember that changing your card means also changing your phone number.

How do I get a new SIM card?

Here are the documents you’ll need if your operator allows you to get a new SIM without Aadhaar.

  1. Address proof, with photocopies (such as a rent agreement, electricity bill, bank passbook, etc)
  2. Government-issued photo identity proof, with photocopies (such as driving licence, passport, voter ID, etc)


Does airport sell SIM cards?

In the Terminal 3 international arrivals area, prepaid SIM cards are available from the brand Chatr. The shop Relay may also sell SIM cards, but I have not been able to confirm this. In the Terminal 1 international arrivals area, prepaid SIM cards are available at 7-Eleven.

What do you need to buy a SIM card?

Those who wish to purchase a local SIM will, at the time of purchase, need to supply their passport and proof of where they’re staying during their time in SA. This is relatively straightforward if you’re staying at a formal place of accommodation; simply print proof of your reservation on a letterhead.

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