Which term refers to the educated middle class during the Spanish era Philippines?

The Ilustrados (Spanish: [ilusˈtɾaðos], “erudite”, “learned” or “enlightened ones”) constituted the Filipino educated class during the Spanish colonial period in the late 19th century. … They were the middle class who were educated in Spain and exposed to Spanish liberal and European nationalist ideals.

What did the Ilustrados do?

Their objectives were to fight for the political rights of Filipinos, which were supposed to be the same and non-discriminatory possessed by Spaniards. Also they aimed to secularize the parishes in the Philippines, and to render the Philippines a province that availed itself of equality under the Spanish system.

Who are the Ilustrados what are their contribution in the propagation of arts in the Philippines?

The ilustrados became the new patron of the arts. These events paved the way for the secularization of art in the 19th century. The Spanish friars introduced Western painting in the Philippines to artisans who learned to copy on two-dimensional form from the religious icons that the friars brought from Spain,.

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What were the goals of education schools during the Spanish period?

7. During the early years of Spanish colonization, education was mostly religionoriented and controlled by the Roman Catholic Church. Spanish friars and missionaries educated the natives through religion with the aim of converting indigenous populations to the Catholic faith.

Why Jose Rizal is considered as an Ilustrado?

Rizal was able to see the problems generated by historical forces, discern the new social needs, and take active part in meeting these needs. He was just a limited Filipino who loved and served the country through his “ilustrado way.” … Before gaining our freedom, we were just “indios,” not even Filipinos.

Who are the 3 Ilustrados?

The most prominent Ilustrados were Graciano López Jaena, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Mariano Ponce, Antonio Luna and José Rizal, the Philippine national hero.

Why were the Filipino Ilustrados in Spain?

The Filipino ilustrados, who were not only Indios but also beasts in the eyes of the arrogant Spanish colonizers, did not fight their battles in the Philippines but instead went to Spain to ask for assimilation and cam- paigned to make the Philippines a province of Spain, which would establish equality between the …

Who are the Filipino propagandists?

The Propagandists

  • José Alejandrino.
  • Anastacio Carpio.
  • Graciano López Jaena, publisher of La Solidaridad.
  • Marcelo H. …
  • Eduardo de Lete.
  • Antonio Novicio Luna – wrote for La Solidaridad under the name “Taga-Ilog”
  • Juan Novicio Luna – painter and sculptor.
  • Miguel Moran.

Why is Spanish influence very strong in the works of Philippine visual arts?

Spanish Influence on Filipino Visual Arts. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in 1521, the colonizers used art as a tool to propagate the Catholic faith through beautiful images. … They replaced the arts that were once done in a communal spirit and community setting for rituals.

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Where did the middle class or the Filipino Ilustrados come from?

The Insulares were the Spaniards born in the Philippines. The clase media consisted of three subclasses: the Spanish mestizos or mestizos de Español; the principalia; and the Chinese mestizos or mestizos de Sangley. The Chinese and the indio or natives made up the lower half of the social pyramid.

What are the following schools that were established during Spanish colonization?

Colegio de Santa Potenciana was the first school and college for girls that opened in the Philippines, in 1589. It was followed by another school for women, Colegio de Santa Isabel, that opened in 1632. Other Schools and Colleges for girls were Santa Catalina, Santa Rosa, La Concordia, etc.

What are the contributions of the Spaniards that impacted your life as a student?

significant contribution made:formal education and founded scientific education -spaniards has introduced education in the country. methid of agriculture were also taught. in tis era. ,there were universities and college established. American introduuced the idea of free education to the Philippine island.

What major changes in education resulted during the pre Spanish period?

The pre-Spanish system of education underwent major changes during the Spanish colonization The tribal tutors were replaced by the Spanish Missionaries TRIBAL TUTORSTRIBAL TUTORS Education was informal and unstructured .

Is Rizal an Indio?

Jose Rizal was from such a family, but his family is an example of the strategizing that goes on in relation to ethnicity: Rizal’s father, Francisco Mercado, had his family’s classification changed from mestizo Chinese to indio. … When we get to Rizal’s generation, there is nothing Chinese left.

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What makes Jose Rizal famous Filipino social thinker?

Syed Farid Alatas (2010) considers Rizal as the first systematic social thinker in Southeast Asia because his writings can be used as basis of sociological theories and concepts. … Rizal’s works explained the nature and conditions of Filipino colonial society during the Spanish period.

How old was Rizal when he was baptized?

José was christened in the nearby church when three days old, and as two out-of-town bands happened to be in Calamba for a local festival, music was a feature of the event.

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