Who are the founders and artistic directors of Repertory Philippines?

Ms. Joy Virata is its Founder and Artistic Director. REP sustains a summer Performing Arts Workshop attended by more than 200 children and adults each, many of whom are scholars. But Repertory Philippines is not just a production outfit.

Who are the founders of Repertory Philippines?

The Repertory Philippines was established in 1967 by Zenaida Amador and Baby Barredo. Its first production was a Tagalog-language adaptation of Miss Julie by August Strindberg which was directed by Rolando Tinio.

What is the contribution of Repertory Philippines in Philippine theater?

Considered the most prestigious theater company in the country, Repertory Philippines is a vital part of a thriving vibrant theater industry filling its specific niche as an actor oriented training company; with a loyal following and an ever growing audience; and a truly special place in the hearts of theater- …

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Who is the founder of the theater group New Voice Company that help exposing awareness about social and political issues?

The New Voice Company was established by acclaimed actress and director Monique Wilson in 1994.

Who wrote the first zarzuela in the Philippines entitled jugar con fuego play with fire which was staged in 1878 or 1879?

The first zarzuela in the Philippines was staged in 1878 or 1879 and was written by Francisco Asojo Barbieri in 1855, entitled Jugar Con Fuego (play with fire) even Jose Rizal wrote his own zarzuela, entitled “Junto Al Pasig” and was staged in 1880.

What does in repertory mean?

If a play is in repertory, it is one of several different plays being performed on particular days by the same company of actors: “Macbeth” is in repertory at the Royal Shakespeare Company. If an actor is in repertory, they are working with a repertory theater group.

Who is the founder of Tanghalang Pilipino?

Tanghalang Pilipino founded by Nonon Padilla. Since it was established in 1987, it has successfully presented 114 productions within 15 seasons while generating one of the best attendance records …

What is the focus of Repertory Philippines?

The vision for Repertory Philippines was the late Zeneida Amador’s dream for Philippine Theater—to make theater-going a social habit in the Philippines and to build a theater industry that would enable talented Filipinos to work at what they love.

What is the contribution of trumpets Inc to Philippine theater?

TRUMPETS, Inc. is Asia’s first professional gospel theater group and over its twenty years of existence has transformed the Gospel message into fun, funky yet incredibly high quality productions.

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How can I join Repertory Philippines?

For interested applicants, the full schedule of classes and enrollment form are available on REP’s official website. For more information, you may contact Repertory Philippines at 02-451-1474. You may also email them at Repphilfoundation@gmail.com.

What is PETA in arts?

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is a theatrical association of artists and educators.

Philippine Educational Theater Association.

Logo of PETA
Formation April 7, 1967
Founder Cecile Guidote-Alvarez
Type Private
Headquarters PETA Theater Center, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines

Who is the artistic director of Down South?

Veteran stage actor Michael Williams, who is also the company’s Artistic Director, directs both shows. There are also plans to restage “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” later in the season. To further build their audience, Theater Down South is also heavily involved in activities that promote theater education.

What is the contribution of New Voice Company in Philippine theater?

It is the only theater company that never ceases to teach and train young, deserving and passionate actors. It has successfully presented hundreds of productions over more than 30 theater seasons, earning numerous awards and citations while generating one of the best attendance records …

What is Sarswela Philippines?

In the Philippines, the sarswela is a play with songs and dances usually written in prose, containing from one to five acts, depicting the vagaries of romantic love among idealized Filipino characters, and often incorporating contemporary social, political, economic or cultural issues for relevance and interest.

Who is the Philippine Sarswela star?

Soprano and sarswela star Maria Carpena was born on October 22, 1886, in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

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What is the meaning of zarzuela?

Zarzuela (Spanish pronunciation: [θaɾˈθwela]) is a Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that alternates between spoken and sung scenes, the latter incorporating operatic and popular songs, as well as dance.

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