Why are Seattle and Bangkok linked?

Seattle and Bangkok are linked because of trade.

What do Bangkok and Seattle have in common?

Answer: D. Both have effective and growing mass transit systems.

How are Seattle and Bangkok different apex?

Answer: The correct answers are: Bangkok is much larger than Seattle; and Bangkok is building skyscrapers much faster than Seattle.

How are Seattle and Bangkok different answers com?

* Bangkok is building skyscrapers much faster than Seattle. * Seattle residents have, on average, higher education levels. * Bangkok is much larger than Seattle.

What problems do Bangkok and Seattle share?

– Air pollution levels in Bangkok and Seattle can be so high that schools even close. – Bangkok and Seattle are known to be cities with some of the worst traffic in the world. – Education is a fundamental part of Thailand’s development engine. About 20% of the total state budget goes to education.

What is illegal in Bangkok?

5 Stranges Laws in Thailand; Legal peculiarities

  • 1) It’s illegal to leave the house without your underwear on.
  • 2) It’s a crime to step on any Thai currency.
  • 3) It’s a punishable offence to throw (used) chewing gum on the pavement.
  • 4) You mustn’t drive a car shirtless.
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What is Bangkok called in Thai?

It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep. …

How much power does Thai King have?

Under the constitution the king is given very little power, but remains a figurehead and symbol of the Thai nation. As the head of state, however, he is given some powers and has a role to play in the workings of government. According to the constitution, the king is head of the armed forces.

Does Bangkok have a major university?

Bangkok University is one of the oldest and most famous private universities in Thailand under the patronage of the Bangkok University Foundation.

What is the most common religion in Thailand?

Buddhism is the largest religion in Thailand, which is practiced by 95% of the population. There is no official state religion in the Thai constitution, which guarantees religious freedom for all Thai citizens, though the king is required by law to be a Theravada Buddhist.

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