Can single PR Buy executive condo in Singapore?

Aside from new BTO flats, single PRs are also not eligible to buy new executive condominiums (ECs). However, like BTO flats, you can buy a new EC if you’re buying with a Singaporean spouse.

Can single pr buy condo in Singapore?

There is no restrictions for single foreigners or PRs to purchase a private apartment or condominium here in Singapore, however, Additional Buyer Stamp Duty is applicable (different rates for SPR and Foreigners).

Can single pr buy EC after 5 years?

A single PR can buy a resale EC or an HDB flat subject to conditions. You can buy a resale EC after the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) from the 6th to 10th year. … Resale HDB still considered as a subsidize flat thus a single PR is not eligible for this.

Can PR Buy executive HDB?

Compared to HDB flats (BTO or resale) and Executive Condominiums, a Permanent Resident can buy an off-plan or brand new private condominium and second-hand unit without any problem, as long as you can afford it.

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Can Singles buy new EC?

Unfortunately, a single citizen can’t buy a new EC unit alone. However, he or she can opt to purchase a resale EC or even a private condo if it’s within the budget. … As a single, you may purchase a resale EC or private condo.

What is the cheapest condo in Singapore?

Top 10 Cheapest Condos in Singapore 2019

  1. The Hillford. The Hillford is a condominium located at Jalan Jurong Kechil in District 21. …
  2. Le Regal. …
  3. Prestige Heights. …
  4. High Park Residences. …
  5. Peoples Park Complex. …
  6. Parc Rosewood. …
  7. Palm Isles. …
  8. Eastwood Regency.


Can single pr buy house in Singapore?

In other words, a single PR can’t buy an HDB resale flat alone. … All buyers in the HDB resale flat application cannot own any private property in Singapore or overseas.

Is EC worth buying?

ECs can be a better investment choice compared to private condominiums, as they are usually sold for around the same price as private apartments in the resale market even though EC is purchase with grants (subsidized housing). EC is treated as HDB property for 10 years.

Can a divorcee buy EC?

An EC is similar to private condominiums in terms of facilities and amenities, but priced about 60-70% lower than the price of a condominium nearby. … Divorcees are able to purchase an Executive Condominium under the “public scheme” with children under legal custody, care and control.

Can single below 35 buy resale EC?

Yes, it is possible. However, do take note that the other parent who is not the owner of the EC, will need to be the “essential occupier” of the EC to form a valid family nucleus. … 4) You may purchase a resale EC without using any of your parent’s names, even below 35 years old.

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Can I buy EC if I own HDB?

Can I get a new EC if I used to/ still own an HDB flat, DBSS flat, or EC? Yes, provided that you only own/ owned 1 of the following units prior to your application: … EC/ DBSS flat bought from the developer. HDB resale flat bought using a CPF Housing Grant (only applies to first-timer applicants)

Can 2 pr buy HDB?

It’s not possible for two PRs to buy a new flat – your only options are a resale HDB flat, or private property (condos, landed property, etc.) Second, you need to have been in Singapore for at least three years. This applies to both you and your spouse. … Third, a single PR cannot buy a HDB flat (including resale flats.)

How do you know if I can afford a HDB?

  1. To check your eligibility and estimated housing loan amount, you may apply for an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter.
  2. You will need to have a valid HLE letter when you book a flat from HDB, or obtain an Option to Purchase from a resale flat seller and when you submit a resale flat application.

Should I buy a condo if I’m single?

There’s no special pros or cons to buying a home when you are single. You should buy a home when you have the finances to do it, it doesn’t really need to be tied to a relationship status. Many singles buy and many married people and families rent.

What is the difference between EC and condo?

The biggest difference between a regular condo and an EC comes in the first 11 years. During this time, ECs count as HDB properties – they are subject to the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) of five years. You can’t sell or rent out your EC during this time. … If you purchase an EC, it’s a bit cheaper than a regular condo.

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When can I sell my executive condo?

You can sell off your EC after 5 years. But after selling, it does not make sense for you to buy a private condo and a HDB resale flat. If you buy a private condo and then a HDB resale flat, you are required to sell off this condo within 6 months after the completion of your HDB resale flat.

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