How can I bring my cat to the Philippines?

How much does it cost to ship a cat to the Philippines?

Pets are shipped via the trusted Cebu Pacific Cargo and Pal Express. Processing only takes 1 day! Price ranges start from an affordable 3,000 – 3,500 Peso depending on pick up location and your pet’s size.

How can I transport my pet to the Philippines?

Pets such as dogs, cats and birds, if and when they are acceptable for carriage as baggage should: Be placed in a secure and leak-proof container. Have valid vaccination certificates and exit and/or entry permits from the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry, Animal Health Division (AHD), Diliman, Quezon City.

How much is pet passport Philippines?

Process the payment. A pet passport costs ₱499, plus shipping (at least ₱200).

How much does it cost to take a cat on a plane?

Most of the major airlines are still accepting one pet per passenger at an average cost of $125.00 each way on domestic flights. 1. You must make a reservation well in advance as only one or two pets per flight are allowed. The reservation should be done over the telephone.

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Can you fly a cat by itself?

Today’s modern airliners have special compartments for live animals where the temperature and pressure is the same as in the cabin. Most airlines even have special programs to take care of your pet and some even offer frequent flyer miles. Hundreds of pets travel alone every day and arrive safely at their destination.

How can I fly with my cat?

Most airlines require a valid health certificate for travel completed by your veterinarian in order for your cat to fly with you. Be sure all relevant vaccinations are up to date and be sure to have your cat’s rabies vaccination certificate handy when traveling.

How much do pet transport services cost Philippines?

Health Certificate = 500php per pet. Micro-chip = 250php per pet. Spay/Neuter = 500php per pet. FurExpress Transport = 3000php per pet (single cage)

Can LBC deliver pets?

“LBC has cemented its reputation as the Filipinos’ most trusted forwarder. … With LBC Cares’ Live Animal Shipment, transporting their pets home should not be an issue as LBC assists in the requirements and airline booking and clearances to ensure a hassle-free travel for their beloved pets to the Philippines.

Which airlines allow in cabin pets?

The following airlines allow flying with dogs in-cabin:

  • Aegean Airlines.
  • Air Canada.
  • Air Europa.
  • Air France.
  • Alaska Air.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta.
  • JetBlue.

Do pets need passports?

You need a pet passport! Traveling with pets is possible, but it does require extra planning research to pull off an international trip with Fido or Fluffy in tow. Just like humans, pets need their own passports to become world travelers. They may need additional documents, too.

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How much does a cat passport cost?

Getting your kitty a cat passport is a straight forward process, and will cost you somewhere between £75 – £140. The cost is divided into 3 compulsory parts: Microchipping. Vaccinations.

Is there pet insurance in the Philippines?

Pet Care Insurance comes in three plans with a one-time premium ranging from P2,800 to P5,400 for a year-long insurance. Range of coverage is from P100,000 to P300,000. To avail of the pet insurance, the dog must be between six months to eight years old, has updated vaccination, and receives annual check-ups.

Which airlines allow cat in cabin?

The following airlines allow flying with cats in-cabin:

  • Alaska Air.
  • Air Canada.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta.
  • JetBlue.
  • Southwest.
  • United Airlines.
  • Air France.

Can my cat sit on my lap on the plane?

If a pet in its carrier can fit under the seat in front of you, it typically can travel in the cabin. … Traveling with a cat this way, essentially as carry-on luggage, usually costs less than if it travels in the belly of the plane. Note: A cat in its carrier counts as your allowed carry-on bag.

How do cats go to the bathroom on a plane?

Cat Bathrooms On A Plane

This is because flying is a stress-inductor that makes cats nervous. Nervous cats are more prone to frequent urination and require regular trips to the cat bathroom. The best way to provide your cat with a personal bathroom on the plane is to purchase a specially designed portable litter box.

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