How do I apply for a dependent child in Singapore?

How do I get a Dependant pass in Singapore?

It is possible to apply for a Dependant Pass either online for dependants of Employment Pass and S Pass holders or manually for dependants of Personalised Employment Pass, EntrePass, Employment Pass (sponsorship) holders. If you have submitted an application online, it is usually handled within 3 weeks.

How much is dependent pass in Singapore?

Pay $105 fee for each application. You can pay by GIRO , VISA, MasterCard or eNets Debit. Check your application status after 3 weeks. It may take longer if additional information is required.

How long does it take to get a Dependant pass in Singapore?

Applying for the Dependent Pass

The processing time is around three weeks, but if more documents are needed, it may be extended. If the MOM approves the application for the Dependent’s Pass, they will issue an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. Your employer has to print this letter and send it to your family members.

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What is dependent pass Singapore?

A Singapore Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a relocation visa issued to selected family members of Employment Pass, S Pass holders, EntrePass holders or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders. Dependant’s Passes are valid as long as the holder of the main Singapore work visa is actively working in Singapore.

What is the minimum salary for S Pass in Singapore?

Only eligible candidates will be considered for an S Pass. Criteria include a minimum salary of $2,500 and acceptable qualifications. Use the Self-Assessment Tool to check a candidate’s eligibility before you apply.

How long parents can stay in Singapore?

Yes, you may sponsor your parents to stay in Singapore using a long-term social visit pass. The pass is valid for five years and is renewable. Your children will have to apply for SPR on their own merits. The processing time is at least six months upon complete submission of all the essential documents.

Can a dependent pass work in Singapore?

Working in Singapore

Dependant’s Pass holders will need to apply for an Employment Pass, S Pass or Work Permit if they wish to work in Singapore. The relevant qualifying salaries, quotas and levies of the respective work passes will apply.

Can parents get dependent visa in Singapore?

Dependants include lawful spouses and unmarried native/legally adopted children under 21 years of age. Parents or other relatives are discussed later below. … For dependants of EP/S Pass/PEP holders, the pass holder must: Work for a well-established firm in Singapore, and.

Can my wife work in Singapore?

Family members of qualified Employment Pass and S Pass holders can come to Singapore on a Dependant’s Pass. Only legally married spouses and children under the age of twenty-one are eligible to apply. … If you are the dependant of an S Pass Holder, you can apply for a Work Permit, S Pass, or Employment Pass.

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Who is eligible for Dependants pass?

Who is eligible to apply for Dependant’s Pass? The Dependant’s Pass (DP) is available for spouse and unmarried children below 21 years age (including legally adopted) of work pass holders (i.e. Employment Pass, EntrePass, PEP, or S pass holders who are earning at least $6,000 a month).

Does a child born in Singapore get citizenship?

Citizenship by birth

A person is a Singaporean citizen by birth if he or she is born in Singapore with at least one parent who is a Singaporean citizen provided both parents are registered officially as legally married.

Can I work in Singapore with student pass?

Yes, you can work with a Singapore Student Pass without having to obtain a Work Permit/Pass. … During the school term, you cannot work for longer than 16 hours a week. You can work full-time during vacations.

What is the difference between LTVP and LTVP+?

Long Term Visit Pass-Plus Scheme

The Long Term Visit Pass-Plus (LTVP+) scheme is designed for foreign spouses of Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR). … The LTVP+ provides foreign spouses of SCs with greater certainty of stay here by granting the holder a longer period of residency.

What does Dependent Pass mean?

The Dependant’s Pass allows spouses and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders to join them in Singapore. Find out which family members are eligible and how to apply for the pass.

Can I apply long term visit pass for siblings?

Re: long stay visit pass for sibling

You can apply for a 30 days SVP and if really needed you can try for one extension at the end of 30 days ( the extension may or may not be approved).

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