How do I call the Philippines Embassy?

The Embassy’s main telephone number is (63 2) 5301-2000. If you are an American citizen with an emergency, dial 0 to speak with the operator. For Special Consular Services involving the Arrest, Assault, Death and Welfare and Whereabouts of U.S.

How can I get in touch with Philippine embassy?

Contact Us

  1. Embassy of the Philippines. Bataan street, corner 1600 Massachusetts Ave., NW. Washington, D.C. 20036. USA.
  2. Tel: 202.467.9300. Fax: 202.328.7614.
  3. Emergency hotline : +1-202-368-2767. VAW (Violence Against Women) desk. and Assistance to Nationals (ATN) hotline : +1-202-769-8049. …

How do I email the US Embassy Manila?

Contact Us

  1. Email. You may contact us in a variety of ways, but the most efficient way is by sending an email to …
  2. Phone. …
  3. In-Office Appointments. …
  4. Facsimile or Postal Mail. …

How do I renew my Philippine passport in Washington DC?

Steps to renew a Philippine passport at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. (Updated – 2020).

  1. Schedule an appointment through the QLess consular online system. …
  2. Go to the Embassy on your scheduled date and time. …
  3. Pay the processing fee to the cashier.
  4. Go to Room 1 for your biometrics capture.
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What does the Philippine embassy do?

The Embassy is the principal representative of the Philippine Government in the conduct of its relations with the Government of the United States of America. In this capacity, the Embassy promotes the foreign policy thrusts of the Philippines, to wit: … Promotion of Philippine culture; and.

How do I contact Philippine immigration?

How to Contact the BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION in the Philippines

  • Email:,,
  • Landline: +632 8465-2400, +632 8524-3769.
  • Facebook:, officialbureauofimmmigration.
  • Twitter: @immigrationPH.
  • Website:

Can I apply for dual citizenship in the Philippines?

You can stay in the Philippines indefinitely provided that upon your arrival in the Philippines you present before the Philippine Immigration Officer your valid US/Foreign passport and your Dual Citizenship Documents.

Dual Citizenship.

Documents Fees (per applicant)
Derivative Dual Citizenship Documents $ 25

Can I wear jeans for US visa interview?

Choosing Your Attire for US Visa Interview

Although there is no dress code, it is best to dress formally. … So, make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident and at ease. In case you wish to dress casually, avoid overly casual clothes and accessories such as bright tee shirts, sneakers, or sunglasses.

How much is US visa fee in Philippines?

Pay visa application fee

The application fee for a US Tourist Visa application in Philippines is $160. When applying for a US visa in the Philippines, you have to pay the US visa fee upfront.

How hard is it for a Filipino to get a US visa?

For a country to qualify, the rate of visa application refusal must be less than two percent. The Philippines’ is around 30 percent. As for immigrant visas, Schimmel says they get 50,000-70,000 applications each year.

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Do I need to make an appointment for Philippine passport renewal?

1. PERSONAL APPEARANCE IS REQUIRED at all times and application is by appointment only. 2. For application at the Consulate, please request an appointment via, together with an accomplished Health Declaration Form.

How long does it take to get a Philippine dual citizenship?

Expect to receive the documents requested at least fifteen (15) working days. How will I use the dual citizenship papers? You will need to present your original dual citizenship papers (Oath of Allegiance, Identification Certificate and Approval Order) during the following: When you apply for a Philippine passport.

How long does Philippine passport renewal take?

The renewal processing time takes 10 weeks, so it is recommended to renew before a Philippines-issued passport is eight months from its expiration date. The procedure requires a personal appearance with certain documents in hand, including a completed application and a current passport.

What does a embassy do?

An embassy is the base for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad – meaning all of the political, cultural and social relationships between the states. There will only be one embassy for one nation in another country, as it is where the country’s ambassador works (and sometimes resides).

What is Philippine phone number?


Who is a natural-born Filipino citizen?

Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines at the time of their birth and those born before 17 January 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority are considered natural-born Filipinos.

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