How do Vietnamese celebrate Mid Autumn Festival?

In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival mainly for the Children. During the festival parents buy their children various types of lanterns, snacks and funny masks. Rice is harvested before the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (mid-autumn) in Vietnam. Each household then offers sacrifices to the God of Earth.

What is Mid-Autumn Festival called in Vietnamese?

Known as Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebrates the fall harvest, full moon, and well-being of friends and family.

How long is Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar with a full moon at night, corresponding to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar.

Mid-Autumn Festival
Literal meaning “Festival of the Eighth Month”
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese Tết Trung Thu

How is Tet Trung Thu celebrated?

During Tết Trung Thu, children parade on the streets, while singing and carrying colorful lanterns of different sizes. Some of the popular shapes include fish, stars, and butterflies. Dances, including dragon dancing are also part of the tradition of Tet Trung Thu.

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Why do we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

Marking the end of the autumn harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival was traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods. It is also a time of year that the moon is at its brightest, which is why lunar legends have always been attached to the celebration.

Is Mid-Autumn Festival a public holiday in Vietnam?

Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular observance in Vietnam. It is not a public holiday, but in many parts of the country there are events activities and decorations to mark this special day on the annual calendar.

What do Mid-Autumn Festival people eat?

The most popular Mid-Autumn Festival foods include mooncakes, pumpkin, river snails, taro, wine fermented with osmanthus flowers, duck and hairy crabs.

What do you say at the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Zhōngqiū kuàilè!

  • Wish you a perfect life just like the roundest moon in Mid-Autumn Day. …
  • Happy Mid-Autumn Day! …
  • I want to make a toast. I Wish that the round moon take my best blessing to you. May you have a happy family and a bright future.

What do we do on Mid-Autumn Festival?

The common customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival include family members eating dinner together, just like a Thanksgiving dinner, sharing mooncakes, worshiping the moon with gifts, displaying lanterns, and regional activities.

What is the meaning of Mid-Autumn Festival?

Falling on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, is when families gather to sample autumn harvests, light lanterns and admire what’s believed to be the fullest moon of the year.

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What is the purpose of Tet Trung Thu?

Children parade lanterns in the streets the night of Mid-autumn Festival to help light the way to earth for Cuội from the moon. The celebration of the harvest is an important part of Tết Trung Thu, as many Vietnamese live in rural areas and work as farmers.

What are some Vietnamese traditions?

Traditions & Customs in Vietnam

  • Ancestor Worship. …
  • Burning votive paper. …
  • Animist beliefs. …
  • God of Wealth Worship in business. …
  • Visiting the pagoda by the beginning of year. …
  • Lunar New Year reunion (Tet holiday)

What is Tet holiday in Vietnam?

Tết ([tet˧˥]), short for Tết Nguyên Đán, Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. … Tết celebrates the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese calendar, which usually has the date falling in January or February in the Gregorian calendar.

What do mooncakes symbolize?

Mooncakes Symbolize Family Reunion

In Chinese culture, roundness symbolizes completeness and togetherness. A full moon symbolizes prosperity and reunion for the whole family. Round mooncakes complement the harvest moon in the night sky at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Where did the Mid-Autumn Festival originate?

The early form of the Mid-Autumn Festival was derived from the custom of moon worship during the Zhou Dynasty over 3,000 years ago. In ancient China, most emperors worshiped the moon annually.

When did Mid-Autumn Festival start?

The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early years of the Tang dynasty (618-907), but the word “mid-autumn” actually appeared in an ancient book over 3,000 years ago.

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