How do you count to 10 in Cambodia?

Cambodians count in increments of five. After you reach the number 5 (phrum), you just then add one to five (phrum muy for 6) and so on. When you reach 10 (dop) , the cycle begins again by adding one (dop muy for 11).

How do you write 8 in Khmer?

How to Count in Khmer

  1. Khmer numbers from 0 to 5. Soun – 0. Muoy – 1. Pii – 2. Bei – 3. …
  2. Khmer numbers from 6 to 10. Pram muoy – 6 (5 and 1) Pram pii – 7 (5 and 2) Pram bei – 8 (5 and 3) …
  3. Khmer Numbers from 20 to 100. Mpei – 20. Sam sep – 30. Sae sep – 40. …
  4. Khmer Numbers from 1000 to 10 million. Muoy poan – 1,000. Muoy muen – 10,000. Muoy saen – 100,000.


What is the unlucky number in Cambodia?

In neighbouring Thailand the number three is thought to bring good luck. However, in Cambodia, taking a picture with three people in it is considered bad luck, as it is believed that the person situated in the middle will die an early death.

How do you greet someone in Cambodia?

Cambodians traditionally greet each other with palms together, in a manner of prayer. They lift up their hands to the chest level and bow slightly. This is called Som Pas. In general, the higher the hands and lower the bow, the more respect is being shown.

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What is the area code for Cambodia?


How do you write numbers in Vietnamese?

Lesson 3: Numbers (1-10)

  1. Một. one.
  2. Hai. two.
  3. Ba. three.
  4. Bốn. four.
  5. Năm. five.
  6. Sáu. six.
  7. Bảy. seven.
  8. Tám. eight.

How do you write numbers in Thai?

1. Thai Numbers 0-9

  1. 0 – ศูนย์ (sǔun)
  2. 1 – หนึ่ง (nùeng)
  3. 2 – สอง (sǎawng)
  4. 3 – สาม (sǎam)
  5. 4 – สี่ (sìi)
  6. 5 – ห้า (hâa)
  7. 6 – หก (hòk)
  8. 7 – เจ็ด (jèt)


Why is 4 unlucky?

But the number four is considered unlucky because it sounds a lot like the word for “death,” and as a result Chinese buildings often lack a fourth floor (just as American buildings sometimes skip the 13th). Likewise, Chinese drivers avoid license plates ending in four.

Do you tip in Cambodia?

Tipping isn’t expected in Cambodia, but it is always appreciated. Many service workers in Cambodia earn a low wage, so if you are happy with the services provided by waiters, drivers, guides or others, leaving a small tip depending on the service is a good way to show your appreciation.

Can I drink tap water in Cambodia?

Drinking tap water generally isn’t recommended in Cambodia. Water quality varies from region to region and there may be harmful bacteria or viruses present, so the safest option is to treat or purify your water, or opt for bottled water. … So, for these environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water.

What is a Khmer?

Khmer, also called Cambodian, or Kampuchean, any member of an ethnolinguistic group that constitutes most of the population of Cambodia. Smaller numbers of Khmer also live in southeastern Thailand and the Mekong River delta of southern Vietnam. … A Khmer woman in a field, Cambodia.

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