How many TV channels are there in the Philippines?

In terms of TV stations distribution by island groups, Metro Manila has 12 TV stations (all types), Luzon, 53 stations; Visayas 28 TV stations and Mindanao, 44 TV stations.

What are the TV channels in Philippines?

Filipino TV Channels

  • Filipino Channel. Get 24 hours of Tagalog programming for all your favorite Filipino soaps, dramas, family shows, news, and more.
  • Lifestyle Network. Love your life with the Lifestyle Network from the Philippines. …
  • GMA Pinoy TV. …
  • GMA News TV. …
  • GMA Life TV. …
  • DWLS Radio. …
  • DZBB Radio.

What is the number 1 channel in the Philippines?

As of January 2021, the most popular YouTube channel in the Philippines was Raffy Tulfo in Action channel with approximately 18.4 million subscribers. Raffy Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist with a weekday afternoon radio and television program whose work focuses on private sector issues.

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What is the oldest TV station in the Philippines?

Ignacia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. It was the first and oldest television station in the Philippines.


Metro Manila Philippines
Owner ABS-CBN Corporation
Sister stations DWAC-TV (S+A) ABS-CBN DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 MOR 101.9
First air date October 23, 1953

How many channels are there in ABS-CBN?

ABS-CBN Regional operates 35 television stations consisting of 7 stand-alone originating stations, 9 hubs, 17 small stations and 2 affiliates, and operates a radio network consisting of 16 MOR FM stations and 3 AM stations.

How can I get Filipino TV channels?

The mobile app is free for DISH subscribers, so you won’t have to pay a thing. For Filipino channels, DISH does offer a Filipino TV package under their International Packages.


  1. DWLS (radio channel)
  2. GMA Pinoy TV (GMAP)
  3. GMA Life TV (GMAL)
  4. DZBB (radio channel)


What channel is the Filipino Channel?

The Filipino Channel

Spectrum Channel 1450
Optimum Channel 1611
DirecTV Channel 2060

Who is the highest paid Youtuber in the Philippines 2020?

Each one on this list of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Pinoy YouTubers has them, including Edgar Dumali (4.5 million) and JaMill (11 million). Ranz Kyle, who’s No. 2 to Tulfo’s 13.7 million subscribers, has 12.5 million subscribers, followed by GMA Public Affairs (11.6 million), Niana Guerrero (11.4 million) and JaMill.

Who is the highest paid vlogger in the Philippines?

Unbox Diaries was found to earn the most, pocketing over half a million pesos a month (P522,000). Coming in second is Mary Bautista, who has about 1.4 million subscribers in her YouTube channel and about 128,000 views, and earning as much as P351,000 a month.

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Top 10 Best TV Networks In the Philippines

  1. 1 ABS-CBN-2. …
  2. 2 GMA-7. …
  3. 3 TV5. …
  4. 4 Studio23. …
  5. 5 NET-25. …
  6. 6 GMA News TV. …
  7. 7 LifeStyle TV. …
  8. 8 UNTV-37.

Who is the father of Philippine radio?

On October 10, 1915, Francisco “Koko” Trinidad, “father of Philippine Radio”, who greatly contributed to the education and professional life of media practitioners, was born.

What are the free channels in the Philippines?

Channel Name Position Beam
Hope Channel Philippines
I Heart Movies 138.0°E Asia & Australia & Pacific
IBC 13 172.0°E NE Asia
138.0°E Asia & Australia & Pacific

Who is known as the Father of Philippine cinema?

Jose Nepomuceno became known as the Father of Philippine Cinema.

Is ABS CBN TV Plus still working?

ABS-CBN’s main channel and S+A ceased broadcasting, as well as the regional digital stations operated by ABS-CBN. … On June 30, 2020, all the digital channels of ABS-CBN TVplus were forced to stop operations due to the alias cease-and-desist order (ACDO) issued by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Who is the real owner of ABS CBN?

ABS-CBN Corporation

The ELJ Communications Center in Diliman, Quezon City, the corporate headquarters of ABS-CBN.
Owner López, Inc. (56.28%) ABS-CBN Holdings Corporation (32.21%) Public Ownership (42.80%)
Number of employees 11,068 (estimated 2018) (900 Non Regular Workers and 3,325 talents estimated 2018)

What is the largest TV network in the Philippines?

ABS-CBN is the first and oldest television broadcaster in Southeast Asia and one of the oldest commercial television broadcasters in Asia. It has also been the leading television network in the Philippines with advertising revenues of 21.2 billion pesos for the fiscal year of 2015.

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