How much is an affidavit of loss cost Philippines?

3. How much is the Affidavit of Loss in the Philippines? The going rate for notarization of Affidavit of Loss usually starts at Php 100. The cost varies depending on the place and the notary public itself.

How do I get affidavit of loss Philippines?

How and where t file Affidavit of Loss

  1. Go to public assistance desk at hall of justice office near you.
  2. Bring any valid ID and also your own pen.
  3. Ask the guard what window you can file affidavit.
  4. Fall in line and wait for your turn.
  5. Once called, present an ID and tell the in charge what affidavit you need.


Does affidavit of loss needs to be notarized?

An affidavit of lost note is filed when a promissory note or another record of indebtedness is destroyed or lost. … Some require an affidavit of loss to be notarized.

How can I get my PhilHealth Affidavit of Loss ID?

Apply In Person[edit]

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You will be required by PhilHealth to present an Affidavit of Loss. To help you draft one, you may go to a notary public. Inform a PhilHealth officer that you would like to replace your PhilHealth card. The office will give you a request form to fill out.

How can I get SSS affidavit of loss?

So here are the preparations I took before proceeding to an SSS branch:

  1. Download and fill-up SSS form E-6. …
  2. Download and fill-up SSS form R-6. …
  3. Get an Affidavit of Loss. …
  4. Prepare 2 valid IDs. …
  5. Prepare 300 php cash. …
  6. Email the SSS branch. …
  7. Go to your chosen SSS Branch. …
  8. Pay Replacement fee.


How do you get an affidavit?

The bottom part of the Affidavit should include the following:

  1. Full name of the deponent and their signature.
  2. Statement indicating whether the affidavit has been sworn or not.
  3. Date and place where the affidavit is being signed.
  4. Designation and full name of the Notary or Magistrate (person attesting the affidavit)

How much is an affidavit of loss license?

Affidavit of Loss

That said, you should not worry too much since you would only be paying around 150 to 200 pesos for it. Here are the steps on how to get affidavit of loss for driver’s license: With a government ID at hand, such as SSS, TIN, or PhilHealth, proceed to a licensed notary public office.

What are the requirements for affidavit of loss?

An Affidavit of Loss is usually required when requesting for a replacement of a lost document or item. This document should be completed by a person, known as the Affiant, who can attest under oath of their personal knowledge of the circumstances of the loss of the object.

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How do I fill out a BDO affidavit of loss?

BDO have a ready made form for Affiavit of Loss available in their website.

Affidavit of Loss

  1. In the upper part of the form tick the box wether what item was lost. …
  2. Put your name on the Afficant/s blank.
  3. Next, indicate your civil status and address of residence.
  4. Then, you will see a statement such as these:


Who can make the affidavit?

A person who makes an affidavit is called a Deponent or an Affiant. The person who has authority to attest a certificate may be a Magistrate who may in turn be either a Judicial or an Executive Magistrate, a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths depending upon the affidavit which needs to be attested.

Is barangay clearance a valid ID?

For these valid IDs, you would only need a proof of identity such as your birth certificate and a document that proves your address like Barangay Clearance.

Does PhilHealth ID expire?

Does PhilHealth membership expire? Technically, yes, it does. If you haven’t made the required contributions within a specified amount of time, you won’t be entitled to claim benefits when you need it.

How much is Umid affidavit of loss?

In case that your card was lost or stolen, you need to get an Affidavit of Loss. This is a document declaring that you have lost your ID Card or any other important official document. You can get this document in the Notary Public near you. This costs an estimate of ₱100 – ₱150.

How can I get Umid ID in 2020?

3. How to Get UMID ID

  1. Step 1: Download and fill out the UMID card application form[1]. …
  2. Step 2: Submit your form and documents to the nearest SSS branch. …
  3. Step 3: Have your photo, fingerprint, and signature taken. …
  4. Step 4: Pay the UMID card fee. …
  5. Step 5: Wait for your card to be delivered. …
  6. Step 6: Activate your UMID ID card.
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What should I do if I lost my Umid ID?

If you have lost your UMID card you will also be asked to submit a notarized Affidavit of Loss. You can have one made with the help of a notary public. For damaged cards, you may also be asked to surrender your old damaged card. Pay the replacement fee.

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