How much is the salary of domestic helper in Malaysia?

How much do you pay a maid in Malaysia?

It costs between RM12,000 and RM18,000 to hire a maid through an employment agency.

How much is the salary of domestic helper in Malaysia 2020?

The employers can pay as much as they want as long as it’s more than RM900 per month. For a Filipino foreign domestic helper, the minimum monthly salary is set at US$400 a month, which translates to about RM1,600 a month (US$1 = RM4. 00317 at the time of writing).

How much is Filipino maid in Malaysia?

Accordingly to the research, hiring Philippines maid in Malaysia would easily cost you about Rm 12,000 to RM18,000 in which a very large portion from the amount is agency fee.

How much is the salary of OFW in Malaysia?

Facts on Malaysia: Jobs for Filipino

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Other OFWs in Malaysia work as domestic workers. The minimum wage for Filipino domestic workers is 1,200 ringgits or 16,200 pesos a month.

Can I hire maid without agency?

Can I hire a maid without agency? Yes! It is possible to hire a maid or domestic worker directly or without using an agency. While hiring a helper directly is cheaper than from an agency, you will be responsible for completing all the needed requirements in the legal process.

How much is a maid salary in Singapore?

Factors to consider when deciding on a salary for a maid in Singapore

FDW’s Years of Experience FDW Monthly Salary
1 $500 to $620
2 to 5 $650
6 and above $700 to $850

How much is Indonesian maid salary?

Of the 252,000 FDWs in Singapore as of June this year, 127,000 are Indonesian. The minimum wage of an Indonesian is $550 a month, and $570 and $450 for Filipino and Myanmar FDWs respectively.

How can I apply for maid permit in Malaysia 2020?

Flowchart of application

First, the maid must already be in Malaysia with a social visit pass. Then, you gotta register and log into the site, and you’ll be required provide your details, like your MyKad number, among other things. After that, you have to upload your maid’s documents too.

How much does it cost for a maid?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maid Through A Domestic Helper Agency

Factors Cost
Monthly Recurring Cost
Cost of Levy $300 (or $60 with concessions)
Monthly Salary $450 to $580 per month (Depending on country)
Daily Expenses $300 per month
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How much does it cost to hire an Indonesian maid in Malaysia?

Maid agency typically charges around RM15000-RM18000 as agent fees. The official fees fixed by the Malaysian and Indonesian goverment is RM8000 only.

What is the True Cost of Hiring a Domestic Maid in Malaysia?

Expenses Indonesian (MYR) Philippines (MYR)
Monthly Salary 1,200 1,800
Food (RM10/day) 300 300
Lodging 200 200
Total Cost 1,700 2,300

How much does it cost to hire a maid in the Philippines?

The cost of a maid varies depending on whether she is live-in and where you live in the Philippines. In the Manila region a maid will cost around P3000 per month, in richer neighbourhoods such as Makati it’s possible for a maid to earn P5000 a month.

How much does it cost to hire a foreign worker in Malaysia?

According to Shamsuddin, the cost of hiring a foreign labour without middlemen range between RM1,500 (US$365.85) to RM5,000 (US$1,219.51). However, going through an agent will inflate the cost several folds from RM13,000 (US$3,170.73) to RM14,000. (US$3,414.63).

Which country has the most Filipino immigrants?

Below are the top 10 countries where migrated Filipinos and their families have established their new homelands.

  • United States: 3,135,293 permanent Filipino residents (64.4% of global total)
  • Canada: 626,668 (12.9%)
  • Australia: 334,096 (6.9%)
  • Japan: 163,532 (3.4%)
  • United Kingdom: 161,710 (3.3%)
  • Italy: 89,742 (1.8%)


Is it safe to work in Malaysia?

With a work permit you are allowed to work in Malaysia. With a work permit it is possible to open a bank account in Malaysia; it is even possible to get a mortgage. Expatriates pay taxes in either their home country or in Malaysia during employment.

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Why do Filipinos work in Malaysia?

Salary is higher.

In Malaysia, Filipino domestic helpers are paid the highest compared to other nationalities (Indonesia, Nepal, India, etc). There is a high demand for Filipino household helpers in Malaysia because she is able to speak English and well-trained in household chores.

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