Is Bataan part of Mega Manila?

The expansion of Mega Manila is unlikely to end there. Other adjoining provinces – especially Tarlac and Bataan – are slowly edging close to being considered part of Metro Manila.

What are included in Mega Manila?

TV ratings agency AGB Nielsen Philippines and Kantar Media Philippines consider Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal as “Mega Manila” for their TV ratings gathering (area highlighted in blue on the map), a much stricter definition than the PIA.

What are the cities in Mega Manila?

The Super Mega Manila concept, or the refined Greater Capital Region, seeks to include Mega Manila and the areas extending to entire Pampanga and Bulacan, parts of Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, and Bataan in Central Luzon, and entire Cavite and Rizal, and parts of Batangas, Quezon, and Aurora in the Southern Tagalog …

What are greater Manila areas?

The Greater Manila Area is the contiguous urbanization surrounding the Metropolitan Manila area. This built-up zone includes Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces of Bulacan to the north, Cavite and Laguna to the south, and Rizal to the east.

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Is Cavite part of GMA?

“There is an existing term referring to Metro Manila + Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal — Greater Manila Area (GMA). … CALABARZON includes Cavite, Laguna and Rizal, three provinces that are under the stricter GCQ. Bulacan is part of Region 3 or Central Luzon.

Is Rizal part of Mega Manila?

Mega Manila means Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Batangas and Bulacan.

Is NCR and Metro Manila the same?

The city of Manila is inside Metro Manila, of course, but they are not the same thing. Manila is just one of 17 cities that formally make up Metro Manila, which is officially called the National Capital Region (NCR).

What are Philippines suburbs?

The districts of Binondo, Dilao, Ermita, Malate, Pandacan, Quiapo, Sampaloc, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, and Tondo are often referred to as “pueblos”, “arrabales” (“suburbs”) or “neighbourhoods” of Manila.

What are the 17 cities in NCR?


It has sixteen (16) highly urbanized cities composed of Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig, and Valenzuela, all broken down into 1,705 barangays.

Is Bulacan outside Metro Manila?

Bulacan is located immediately north of Metro Manila.

Where is Mega Manila?

Mega Manila is the megalopolis in the Philippine regions of Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Mimaropa and Metro Manila.

What is a highly urbanized city?

Highly urbanized cities are those with a minimum population of (200,000 inhabitants, as certified by the National Statistics Office, and with the latest annual income of at least P50,000,000.00 based on 1991 constant prices, as certified by the city treasurer per Section 452 of Republic Act 7160).

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Can you travel from Metro Manila to Laguna?

LOCAL RESPONSE. The Philippines banned cross-border travel and all mass gatherings in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, as the country sees a COVID-19 surge especially in the capital region. …

What part of Cavite is nearest to Manila?

A first-class urban component city in the province of Cavite, Bacoor is the province’s gateway to Manila. In this regard, it would make the perfect location for a first home considering its proximity to the metropolis.

What are the 17 regions of the Philippines?

Table of regions

Region (regional designation) PSGC Island group
Mimaropa (Southwestern Tagalog Region) 17 Luzon
Bicol Region (Region V) 05 Luzon
Western Visayas (Region VI) 06 Visayas
Central Visayas (Region VII) 07 Visayas

Which is bigger Cavite or Bulacan?

Cebu is currently the largest province in terms of population with 4.6 million people, followed by Cavite with 3.6 million; Bulacan, 3.2 million; Negros Occidental, 3.31 million; and Laguna, three million.

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