Is coconut farming profitable in Philippines?

This is because a coconut farmer’s average annual income is only P20,000 a year. Since these farmers will now earn only P7,200 yearly, many are now cutting their coconut trees and selling them just to survive.

How much do coconut farmers make in the Philippines?

In 2019, the average daily wage rate in coconut farms across the Philippines’ Cagayan Valley Region was 366.1 Philippine pesos. In comparison, coconut farmers’ daily wage rate in the Zamboanga Peninsula region was only 225.3 Philippine pesos.

How much do coconut farmers make?

The average annual income for a coconut-farming household is around $355 a year, which averages out to less than one dollar a day. Farmers have little to no extra income to invest in resources for their farms, which results in shrinking crops and further declining incomes.

How profitable is coconut farming?

Total yield: 25 x 80 = 2,000 nuts per acre. The income from the farm: (total yield x sale price of each nut) = 2,000 x 25 = Rs 50,000. Profit from the farm: (total income – total investment in the 6th year) = Rs 50,000 – Rs 26,400 = Rs 23,600.

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How many coconuts can you get per acre?

Coconut Cost of Cultivation

Land, Seedling cost and transplanting cost
4. Income from coconut 5 nuts per bunch, 12 bunches per year in 80 tree Total number of nuts in 1 acre: (80 x 5 x 12) = 4800 nuts Rate of 1 nut =Rs.4 Income from nut = (4800 x 4 = 19,200)
Income from Intercropping and coconut = 114000+19200

Why coconut farmers are the poorest in the Philippines?

Carranza blamed the coconut farmers’ poverty on the low copra prices, inability to intercrop and modernize, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, which isolates some of them who are living in far-flung areas. … According to the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), prices of copra at farmgate as of October 15 stood at P21.

Where is the largest coconut plantation in the Philippines?

The top coconut producer was Davao Region with 497.62 thousand metric tons output or 15.8 percent of the total coconut production. This was followed by Zamboanga Peninsula and Northern Mindanao with 14.2 and 13.7 percent shares, respectively.

How many coconuts do you get per tree per month?

It depends on the conditions where you plant the tree. Normally, in Kerala, one coconut tree yields around 80–100 coconuts per year. And the income depends on the market rate. It will vary from anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 2500.

What crop is the most profitable?

Most Profitable Crops

  • Lavender. Lavender can be used in just about everything, from food flavoring to medicines to fragrances. …
  • Chives. Chives can be grown indoors or out. …
  • Saffron. Saffron is a spice that comes from saffron crocus bulbs, a purple-blue flower that thrives in sunny environments. …
  • Arborvitae.
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How many coconut can a tree produce?

On fertile soil, a tall coconut palm tree can yield up to 75 fruits per year, but more often yields less than 30. Given proper care and growing conditions, coconut palms produce their first fruit in six to ten years, taking 15 to 20 years to reach peak production.

What is the lifespan of coconut tree?

They are widely planted both for household and commercial use and grow to a height of 20-30 m. They are slow maturing and flower 6-10 years after planting. They are long-lived with an economic life of about 60-70 years, although much older palms are known to exist and yield well.

Can a falling coconut kill you?

Coconuts falling from their tree and striking individuals can cause serious injury to the back, neck, shoulders and head, and are occasionally fatal. Following a 1984 study on “Injuries Due to Falling Coconuts”, exaggerated claims spread concerning the number of deaths by falling coconuts.

Which soil is best for growing coconut?

The major soil types that support coconut in India are laterite, alluvial, red sandy loam, coastal sandy and reclaimed soils with a pH ranging from 5.2 to 8.0. Soil with a minimum depth of 1.2m and fairly good water holding capacity is preferred for coconut cultivation.

How many coconuts grow on a tree in a year?

Yield varies from region to region (3 500 to 6 000 nuts/ha/year), which is due to a number of factors. One tree may yield on average 70-100 nuts to a maximum of 150 nuts per year.

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What is the planting distance for coconut?

Tamil Nadu: Adopt a spacing of 25′ x 25′ (7.5 x 7.5 m) with 175 plants/ha is ideal for tall varieties and a spacing of 8.5 x 8.5 m is optimum for hybrids. A spacing of 6.5 x 6.5 m is optimum for dwarf variety.

Coconut Main Field (Cultivation Practices)

Particulars Spacing
Hybrids 8.5 x 8.5 m (26′ x 26′)
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