Is double compensation legal in Philippines?

No officer or employee in the Civil Service shall receive additional or double compensation unless specifically authorized by law.

Is double compensation allowed in the Philippines?

This is prohibited under Article IX-B, Section 8 of the Constitution which states that “No elective or appointive public officer or employee shall receive additional, double, or indirect compensation x x x .”

Is double compensation allowed?

No elective or appointive public officer or employee shall receive additional, double, or indirect compensation, unless specifically authorized by law, nor accept without the consent of the Congress, any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind from any foreign government.

What are exceptions to double compensation?

The exception is provided by the Local Government Code of 1991: “Sanggunian members may practice their professions, engage in any occupation, or teach in schools except during session hours…” Local executives however are barred from practicing theirs: “All governors, city and municipal mayors are prohibited from …

Can a govt employee have a part time job?

As a government employee, you are not forbidden from working a second job. But, you can’t “engage in outside employment that conflicts with your official duties”. … In doing so, you just have to know your capabilities, limits and look out for any conflicts of interest most particularly if you are a government employee.

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In general, the employer is not allowed to deduct anything from the employee’s wages without the latter’s written consent. However, the employer may withhold the employee’s wage in instances authorized by law.

Why is dual employment illegal?

One such measure used by employers is the Moonlighting Clause. A moonlighting clause is a negative covenant that puts a restriction on the double employment of an employee. Thus, it restricts from taking any other job while being employed by another employer.

What is dual compensation?

The Dual Compensation Act of 1964 required that retired uniformed (military) service members have a “fresh start” upon appointment to the Federal civil service. … The law requires agencies to credit uniformed (military) service of non-retirees as civilian service.

What is the CSC nepotism?

Nepotism is defined as an appointment issued in favor of a relative within the third civil degree of consanguinity or affinity of any of the following: (1) appointing authority; (2) recommending authority; (3) chief of the bureau or office; and (4) person exercising immediate supervision over the appointee.

Are government employees covered by the Labor Code?

The provisions of this Title shall apply to employees in all establishments and undertakings whether for profit or not, but not to government employees, managerial employees, field personnel, members of the family of the employer who are dependent on him for support, domestic helpers, persons in the personal service of …

What are the rights of employee in the Philippines?

Every worker has the right to self-organization, i.e., to form or to join any legitimate workers’ union, free from interference of their employer or the government. All workers may join a union for the purpose of collective bargaining and is eligible for union membership on the first day of their employment.

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What is the meaning of compensation?

Compensation is the total cash and non-cash payments that you give to an employee in exchange for the work they do for your business. … Compensation is more than an employee’s regular paid wages. It also includes many other types of wages and benefits. Types of compensation include: Base pay (hourly or salary wages)

What does dual employment mean?

Dual employment occurs when a staff employee who holds a full-time (100%) staff position in one department takes on an additional staff appointment in another department.

How long does the government hiring process take?

Although every agency has a different hiring process in practice, most agencies strive to fill their open positions in 80 days or less. After the job is posted and closed, the agency should make a decision within 6-8 weeks.

Can a government employee have a second job?

The default position is yes, federal employees can have a second job. As a federal employee, you are not prohibited from working a second job. However, you cannot “engage in outside employment that conflicts with your official duties”.

Can a government employee do another job?

No, A government employee is not allowed to run a private business, neither is he allowed to work anywhere else as a part-time or full-time employee. This is against government rule and hence person who is found can be charged for breaking the law.

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