What are the business process outsourced from the Philippines?

The industry is composed of eight sub-sectors, namely, knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, animation, call centers, software development, game development, engineering design, and medical transcription. The IT-BPO industry plays a major role in the country’s growth and development.

What business processes are outsourced?

Commonly outsourced processes include the following:

  • accounting.
  • administration.
  • customer services and call centers.
  • HR.
  • IT management and services.
  • manufacturing.
  • marketing.
  • research.

What are outsourcing processes?

Outsourcing is a business practice in which services or job functions are farmed out to a third party. … Companies may choose to outsource IT services onshore (within their own country), nearshore (to a neighboring country or one in the same time zone), or offshore (to a more distant country).

What is outsourcing in the Philippines?

Outsourcing is simply the transfer of work from one company to another company which usually located outside of the origin country of the clients or the one who wants to outsource the work.

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How important is business processing outsourcing in the economy of the Philippines?

The BPO industry is regarded as a priority by the Philippines Development Plan as essential to the country’s ten high priority development areas. To further entice investors, existing government programs include incentives such as tax holidays, tax exemptions, and simplified export and import procedures.

What is an example of a business process?

A business process is a series of repeatable steps taken by a team or company to achieve some sort of business goal: managing deliveries, assembling products, onboarding employees, etc. … Let’s say the process is employee onboarding.

What are the benefits of business process outsourcing?

What are the benefits of business process outsourcing?

  • Saving time. …
  • Saving money. …
  • Flexibility and scalability. …
  • Time zone advantage. …
  • Better use of hours (focus on competencies) …
  • Project-based manpower. …
  • Compete with larger companies. …
  • Sales Process Outsourcing‍


What is the purpose of outsourcing?

Companies use outsourcing to cut labor costs, including salaries for its personnel, overhead, equipment, and technology. Outsourcing is also used by companies to dial down and focus on the core aspects of the business, spinning off the less critical operations to outside organizations.

What is an example of outsourcing?

Some common outsourcing activities include: human resource management, facilities management, supply chain management, accounting, customer support and service, marketing, computer aided design, research, design, content writing, engineering, diagnostic services, and legal documentation.”

What are the features of outsourcing?


  • Services being perishable can’t be stored (inventorised)
  • Service is time and place dependent.
  • Production of services can’t be separated from consumption.
  • Customers are part of production.
  • Lack of Standardisation.
  • Service can’t be touched like goods.
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Why Philippines is best for outsourcing?

Companies across the globe and across industries cite cost savings as the main factor that makes the Philippines an ideal outsourcing destination. In addition to its competitive labor cost, the country’s office rental rate is less expensive than anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region.

Why do foreigners outsource to the Philippines?

Of course, many foreign businesses outsource in the Philippines because we charge less for the same or even better-quality output that they could achieve elsewhere. According to some industry reports. the typical wage of an outsourced Filipino worker is about 75% less than an American in the same position.

Is Philippines involved in the modern world system?

The Philippines is placed in the periphery of the World Economy. With regards to “how much is involved?” as asked in the question as per looking at the assumptions the Philippines is greatly involved in the Modern World System, in fact all countries are.

What do you think is the future of BPO in the Philippines?

Experts predict that by 2022, Filipino BPO services will cover 15 percent of the total global outsourcing market. The industry is also expected to grow 9% annually for the next five years. As per the predictions, the BPO industry is set to be bringing in over 7 million new jobs and $40 billion in revenue.

Why BPO is the fastest growing industry in the Philippines?

It is economical.

After all, globalization has boosted the demand for BPO services because of the decreasing trade barriers. … BPO firms became their best option for it — with the Philippine outsourcing industries among those that offer affordable rates for their high-quality services.

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Why do contact center and business process outsourcing companies choose the Philippines?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is actually a great help for companies to reduce their costs. This remains true especially when foreign companies choose to outsource in the Philippines. One of the main reasons why foreign companies always choose the country is because of the quality services and the lower costs.

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