What big companies are in Vietnam?

What US companies are in Vietnam?

Among the large American companies believed to be hoping to explore business in Vietnam are Mobil, Chevron, Amoco and Exxon; Northwest and United Airlines; Citicorp, Chase Manhattan and Bank of America; Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer and Honeywell, and Bechtel, Boeing, General Motors, Caterpillar, Pepsico and Coca- …

What companies are in Vietnam?

Vingroup ranked first in the Vietnamese list in terms of revenue, at $5.3 billion, followed by Mobile World at $3.76 billion, and Vietjet Air at $2.33 billion.

What are the top three industries in Vietnam?

Main Sectors of Industry

Vietnam’s economy is based on large state-owned industries such as textiles, food, furniture, plastics and paper as well as tourism and telecommunications. Agriculture represented 14% of GDP and employs 36% of the total workforce in 2020 (World Bank).


Export is among the most lucrative popular business ideas in Vietnam. The country export important items like rice, coffee, crude oil, rubber, seafood, etc. You can sell these items to international buyers through different e-commerce websites.

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Why are US companies moving to Vietnam?

Major US firms such as Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC), Nike, and Key Tronic EMS have already moved production lines to Vietnam due to costs associated with the trade war. All these factors have helped increase trade between both countries since the normalization of diplomatic relations.

What is the name of the richest company in Vietnam?


In 2017, the sales of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company Limited reached USD 58 billion, and this figure was USD 65.7 billion in 2018, accounting for 28% of Vietnam’s GDP. This business has maintained the No. 1 position in the list of the largest companies in Vietnam.

How can I invest in Vietnam stocks?

As a foreigner, you can invest in the Vietnam stock exchange by using the two stock exchanges: HSX and HOSE.

Create a Stock Brokerage Account in Vietnam

  1. Copy of passport;
  2. Account Opening Application;
  3. FATCA Compliance Document (US Citizens);
  4. Power of Attorney (POA);
  5. Securities Trading Code Application.

How do I find a manufacturer in Vietnam?

Vietnam manufacturers directory

  1. Alibaba. Even though Alibaba is a Chinese company whose focus is on China, they still have a very impressive list of Vietnamese suppliers. …
  2. Vietnam Export. …
  3. Vietnam Manufacturers. …
  4. VTown.vn. …
  5. VietnamAZ. …
  6. VietnameseMade.com. …
  7. VCCI News. …
  8. Global Sources.


What products are manufactured in Vietnam?

But Vietnam’s manufacturing industry does boast a higher level of industry diversity than some other alternative sourcing destinations, such as Bangladesh and Cambodia. The country’s top exports include various types of machinery, garments and textiles, footwear and headwear, food and beverage and metals.

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Why is Vietnam so poor?

The majority of the poor are farmers. In 1998 almost 80 percent of the poor worked in agriculture. The majority of the poor live in rural, isolated, mountainous or disaster prone areas, where physical infrastructure and public service are relatively undeveloped. The poor often lack production means and cultivated land.

What is the biggest industry in Vietnam?

The Biggest Industries In Vietnam

  • Electronics. Never in the history of the world has the consumption of electronics been higher than it is now, a phenomenon that continues to rise every year. …
  • Construction. …
  • Mining Industry. …
  • Services and Tourism.


What are the main jobs in Vietnam?

The top 5 currently highest paid jobs in Vietnam

  1. Finance/Investment. Finance and investment were the fields that have the highest salary according to the report of VietnamWorks 2019. …
  2. Banking. …
  3. Programmer and Information Technology Industry. …
  4. Construction engineer. …
  5. Marketing.

Can foreigners start business in Vietnam?

Can Foreigners Own a Business in Vietnam? Foreigners may own businesses in Vietnam. Some industries such as tourism, advertising, and entertainment require a local partner. But most businesses can be 100% foreign-owned.

What should I invest in Vietnam?

3. Top 5 industries investment opportunities that foreigners should consider

  • 3.1. Construction and Building. One of the best investment industry in Vietnam for foreigners is Construction materials. …
  • 3.2. Beauty and cosmetics. …
  • 3.3. Agricultural. …
  • 3.4. Real Estate. …
  • 3.5. Car business.

What are the risks of doing business in Vietnam?

Challenges and risks when doing business with Vietnam

  • corruption.
  • bureaucracy.
  • grey areas of Vietnamese law.
  • lack of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enforcement.
  • inadequate infrastructure.
  • lack of skills.
  • language barrier (so translators and interpreters are often needed)
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