What breed of goats are available in the Philippines?

Among the goats raised by most Filipino farmers are the Philippine strain (also known as the common goat) and the Dadiangas goat (which originated from General Santos City ). Some farmers are also raising exotic breeds, which include Anglo-Nubian, Toggernburg, Saanen, French Alpine, and Boer.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

Top Most Profitable Indian Goat Breeds:

  • Beetal Goat: Beetal breed goats are mainly found in the Batala subdivision of Gurdaspur district of Punjab province. …
  • Black Bengal Goat: …
  • Barbari Goat: …
  • Jamnapari Goat: …
  • Sirohi Goat: …
  • Gaddi Goat:


How much does a goat cost in the Philippines?

The average farmgate price of goat for slaughter from January to March 2020 was PhP 151.52 per kilogram, liveweight. This was 3.5 percent higher than the 2019 same quarter price level of PhP 146.33 per kilogram, liveweight.

What are the different breeds of goat adaptable to the Philippines?

Unlike other dairy-type goats like Saanen, Toggenburg, and Alpine which are temperate (cold climate) breeds; the nubian breed has Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western blood in them. Perhaps, this is the reason why nubian is the most adaptable dairy-type goat in the Philippines.

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What are the best common breeds of goats?

12 Popular Goat Breeds

  • Alpine. This dairy breed originated in the French Alps, and can thrive in nearly any climate. …
  • La Mancha. La Mancha goats are born with very tiny ears. …
  • Nubian. …
  • Saanen. …
  • Photo courtesy of wideopenpets.com. …
  • Spanish. …
  • Kiko. …
  • Tennessee Fainting (Myotonic)


Is there money in goat farming?

There is money to be made when selling goats for meat. The amount of land you’ll need and the number of goats necessary to turn a profit may vary based on going rates, but overall the process is straightforward.

Are goats a good investment?

The fact of the matter is that raising goats can be very profitable. Most North American farmers tend to focus on cattle, pigs, and chickens. However, the goat market is becoming increasingly large and popular, with the demand of goat’s milk and goat meat rising on a yearly basis.

Is goat farming profitable in the Philippines?

Unlike in other countries in the world, only a few Filipinos raise goats on a big scale and Goat production is economically valuable for the Philippines. Central Visayas has the most number of goats, accounting for 15 percent of the total, according to the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Are goats expensive to keep?

Are Goats Expensive To Keep? Regardless of the breed of goat you choose to keep as a pet, typical husbandry costs will range from $10 to $20 per week for their feed and water.

What is the best age to eat goat?

Kids (goats under a year of age) are often slaughtered when 3 to 5 months of age and weighing from 25 to 50 pounds. Kids do not store much body fat until they are about a year old.

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What is Philippine native goat?

Nubian goat is a multi-purpose breed — the best meat and dairy goat to raise in Philippine setting. Most goat farmers in the Philippines raise native goats or crosses (hybrid) because they believed they are cheaper to raise compared to purebreds. … Nubian is a dual-purpose breed — for meat and dairy purposes.

How do you raise a goat in your backyard?

Here are 12 tips she shared for raising goats in your yard and keeping them, yourself and your neighbors happy.

  1. Check On Codes.
  2. You Can’t Have Just One.
  3. Know the Method Behind Your Madness.
  4. Choose a Breed That Meets Your Need.
  5. Be Careful in Giving Your Goats a Name.
  6. Make Sure You Have Enough Space.


Which small ruminant is better suited for the Philippines?

In the Philippines, two of most popular small ruminants are goats and sheep. Both are part of farming in the country. But among these two, goats are on the top list.

What is the friendliest breed of goat?

Nubian – This goat breed is often at the top of all dairy keepers. They are docile and hardy goat that also produces a nice quality of meat.

What are the easiest goats to keep?

1) Make sure that your city is goat friendly.

Goats such as the pygmy (smallest meat breed), Nigerian Dwarf (smallest dairy breed), and the pygora (smallest fiber breed) are going to be your best bets.

What is the best milk goat?

MILK GOAT. The large Saanen goats are the most productive dairy goat breed – one of them yields between 1 and 3 gallons of milk each day. (Unfortunately for fans of rich, soft goat cheeses, the butterfat content of Saanen milk is low, at the most 3 percent, similar to store-bought, low-fat milk.)

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