What is Dutch Muay Thai?

Dutch Kickboxing techniques are influenced largely by Japanese kickboxing which in turn is influenced by Muay Thai. The most obvious difference between the two striking styles is the range of weapons. The three main weapons of the Dutch style are punches, kicks and knee strikes.

Is Dutch kickboxing the same as Muay Thai?

Dutch Kickboxing was created by taking the best parts of boxing (punches), kyokushin karate(knees and kicks) and muay thai(elbows). Also, Dutch gyms still carry out certain traditions from karate like shouting Oss and having Japanese names (Mejiro Gym).

Which is better Dutch kickboxing or Muay Thai?

The emphasis in Dutch style is on heavy hands based on Western boxing to set up heavy low kicks and knees. Muay Thai is more traditional in the use of all eight limbs with a much heavier emphasis on the clinching aspect which allows for the execution of dumps, sweeps, knees and elbows.

What is Dutch boxing?

Dutch kickboxing relies on powerful Western-style boxing combined with heavy low kicks. It also makes use of head kicks and knee strikes. Elbows strikes are forbidden by K1 and Glory competition rules. Elbow strikes are still being trained in the gym just not being used in sparring too often.

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What is and isn’t Dutch kickboxing?

The style itself varies from gym to gym and fighter to fighter. Broadly speaking however, Dutch kickboxing is an approach to fighting inspired by a mix of kyokushin karate, Japanese kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Why are Dutch fighters so good?

Although they incorporate a lot of Muay Thai techniques into their skill set, they typically spar harder than the Thais. … Because they go harder than usual during training and sparring sessions, this makes Dutch kickboxers some of the more calloused martial artists in the world.

Which is better Muay Thai or Kyokushin?

Kyokushin Karate is by no means an ineffective art and is certainly a very hard sport. In terms of overall effectiveness for self-defense and fighting under unified kickboxing rules, Muay Thai edges as the more superior option.

Is Dutch kickboxing good for self defense?

Is Dutch kickboxing good for self defense? Dutch Kickboxing is a stand-up striking style (stand-up striking in general is better in a street fight than grappling style) that puts pressure on heavy leg kicks, aggressive boxing and knee strikes so it is very good for the street.

Who is the greatest kickboxer of all time?

Greatest Kickboxers of All Time

1 Buakaw Banchamek
2 Badri Hari
3 Giorgio Petrosyan
4 Semmy Schilt
5 Ernesto Hoost

What’s better boxing or Muay Thai?

Boxing is useful because it gives you a great advantage with footwork and self-defense. … The main problem with Boxing is that you really only focus on striking with hands, while Muay Thai focuses on hands, feet, elbows, and knees. However this also means that Boxing has extra time to focus on footwork and defense.

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What are Dutch drills?

The Dutch style of kickboxing or Dutch style muay thai is well known for being a powerful striking style that combines Western boxing combos and finishing with heavy low kicks.

Does k1 exist?

K-1 is a martial arts organisation and martial arts brand established in 1993, well-known worldwide mainly for its heavyweight division fights.


Type Private
Website K-1 World GP

What is the best kickboxing style?

Following are some of the more prominent styles.

  • Muay Thai. Muay Thai, developed in Thailand, goes back to the 16th century. …
  • Japanese kickboxing. …
  • American Kickboxing. …
  • Sanshou. …
  • Savate (French kickboxing) …
  • Adithada (Indian kickboxing) …
  • Yaw-Yan (Filipino kickboxing) …
  • Lethwei (Burmese kickboxing)


Who is the best Dutch fighter?

  • Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi. 47-7-2. …
  • Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem. 47-19-0, 1 NC. …
  • Marloes “Rumina” Coenen. 23-8-0. …
  • Germaine “The Iron Lady” de Randamie. 10-4-0. …
  • “El Guapo” Bas Rutten. 28-4-1. …
  • Rico “Prince of Kickboxing” Verhoeven. 1-0-0. …
  • Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve. 28-13-0. …
  • Semmy “Hightower” Schilt. 26-14-1.

One of the reasons being that the two gyms came from rival neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Kickboxing in the Netherlands turned out to be a hit. Dutch kickboxers began to fight internationally and over the years developed their own style known as “Dutch Style Kickboxing”.

Is Dutch kickboxing good for MMA?

Dutch kickboxing isn’t really the safest bet for MMA striking imo. Dutch guys like combos, exchanges, staying in the pocket and keeping a high shield guard up. All very dangerous. 4oz gloves will go through or around the high shield.

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