Which airlines fly direct from Singapore to Langkawi?

Is there a direct flight from Singapore to Langkawi?

A direct flight from Singapore (SIN) to Langkawi (LGK) takes around 1 hour, 28 minutes, 29 seconds, covering a distance of 130 km. … Langkawi Airport is the only airport on the island for all flights to get in and out of Langkawi. The airport is easy to navigate and not a complicated location to explore.

Who flies direct to Langkawi?

AirAsia, Malindo Air, Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Oman Air and British Airways all fly direct to Langkawi.

How can I go to Langkawi from Singapore?

There are a few different ways to go.

  1. Fly Singapore airlines (via silkair) directly to Langkawi. …
  2. Fly Malaysia airlines to Langkawi from Singapore. …
  3. Take taxi or bus to Johor Baru and fly air asia from JB to KL then KL to Langkawi. …
  4. Alternatively you can fly into Penang and take the ferry from Penang to Langkawi.

Where does Singapore fly direct to?

Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance): year-round to Brunei and Muara (BWN), Phnom Penh (PNH), seasonal flights to Bandung (BDO), Denpasar (DPS), year-round flights to Jakarta (CGK), Medan (KNO), seasonal flights to Surabaya (SUB), year-round flights to Kuala Lumpur (KUL), seasonal flights to Penang (PEN), Mandalay (MDL), …

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Can you drive from Singapore to Langkawi?

There is no road connection all the way to Langkawi. You can however drive down from the mainland Malaysia (like Kualalumpur) on your own car or by bus to one of the following places: 1.

How long does it take from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

Non-stop flight time is between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. Quickest one-stop flight takes close to 5 hours. However, some airlines could take as long as 28 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

Can you fly direct to Langkawi from London?

Langkawi flight facts

You can fly from London to Langkawi via Kuala Lumpur. … Fly from London Heathrow to Malaysia on one of our daily, direct flights. Choose to fly with hand baggage only or pick a price that includes a 23kg checked baggage allowance and free seat selection 24 hours before you fly.

Can I fly to Langkawi?

Airlines that fly to Langkawi Airport (LGK)

Major airlines that serve flights to Langkawi are Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, and Malindo Air. Other airlines that also serve flights to Langkawi include Scoot, China Southern Airlines, Firefly and chartered airline TUI Airways.

Where is Langkawi situated?

Geopark Langkawi is the most Northern archipelago located on the Westside of Peninsular Malaysia; located 30 km off the mainland. The archipelago consists of the main island Langkawi and almost 100 small surrounding islands; only four of them are inhabited.

Is Langkawi expensive?

Langkawi is relatively expensive if to compare with KL – a city with higher cost of living. My 1st visit to Langkawi was in 1989 and had been visiting the island for more than 10 times ever since and KL being my birthplace; if I were to compare the rising cost on food and hotel accommodation, Langkawi wins.

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What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

Best Time to Go to Langkawi

Between the months of November and April, Langkawi weather is a good balance of sunshine and light rainfall, making it the best time to head there for holiday. Temperatures are fairly consistent during the day, ranging from 30°C to 35°C while at night, between 28°C and 29°C.

Is Langkawi or Penang better?

In short the main differences between the two islands are: Langkawi: Nature trips, beautiful seas and beaches, great resorts and a relaxed overall atmosphere. Penang: Great (hectic) Asian atmosphere, especially at nighttime, huge shopping centers and many cultural attractions.

What is the longest flight in the world?

The longest nonstop flight in the world is Singapore Airlines’ service between Singapore (SIN) and New York (JFK), which is an ~18 hour flight that covers a distance of 9,537 miles. This flight is so long that it has to be operated by a specially configured A350-900ULR with extra fuel capacity.

Is there a direct flight from New York to Singapore?

The flight clocks in at 18 hours and 40 minutes. Singapore Airlines will launch nonstop flights between New York City and Singapore in November, months after COVID-19 forced the airline to cancel its famed longest flight in the world. Starting Nov. 9, the airline will run flights from New York’s John F.

What US cities fly direct to Singapore?

  • HoustonIAH.
  • Los AngelesLAX.
  • New YorkEWR.
  • New York CityJFK.
  • San FranciscoSFO.
  • Seattle / TacomaSEA.
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