Why is it difficult for Vietnamese people to speak English exactly and fluently like native English speakers?

To make matters worse, the students have a high affinity for speaking their native language. Even when placed in an English environment, they would still communicate to another Vietnamese in the local language not English. This makes it difficult to fluently speak English because fluency comes with practice.

Why is it difficult for Vietnamese to speak English fluently?

The limited codas as well as non-cluster mother tongue contribute many difficulties for Vietnamese people in properly pronouncing any foreign languages with a wide range of final consonants and clusters.

Why Vietnamese students Cannot speak English well?

Vietnamese is a tonal language and students battle to speak English with the correct intonation and rhythms. This is why when Vietnamese students speak English, it can often be unintelligible to native English speakers.

What might be the hardest thing about learning English for someone from Vietnam?

2. Students lack the confidence to use the English language. Many Vietnamese learners face the common problem that although they spent six or seven years studying English at school, they can’t pronounce and English sentence correctly, and they are not confident enough to communicate in the English language.

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How hard is Vietnamese for English speakers?

Vietnamese. Why it’s hard: Vietnamese is a tonal language with six different tones that dictate the meaning of a word. The high number of vowel sounds also prove difficult for English speakers to nail down.

Do we need to pay attention to the final sounds in Vietnamese Why?

Giang: You should pay attention to final consonants. As we have learned, the function of the final consonant sounds in Vietnamese is to combine with the vowel before it to create rhythm in a word, and it is not pronounced as in English. Jason: In other words, Vietnamese final consonants are voiceless or implosive.

Is English a compulsory subject in Vietnam?

1.3 English in Vietnam from 1986 up to the Present

It is one of the six national examinations that students have to pass if they want to get the Secondary School Education Certificate and is a compulsory subject for both undergraduates and graduates at tertiary level.

Can Vietnamese speak English?

More than half (53.81 per cent) of Vietnam’s population can speak English, behind just two regional countries: Singapore with 61.08 per cent and Malaysia with 60.3 per cent. In Asia, Vietnam followed only four countries: Singapore, Malaysia, India with 58.21 per cent, and South Korea with 54.52 per cent.

What is Vietnam second language?


What is the hardest part of learning Vietnamese?

The most challenging when people try to learn Vietnamese is the tonals. It is a tonal language and even saying one word differently can change the WHOLE meaning. We have 4/more differently words that have “nam” in them.

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Do they teach English in Vietnam?

Locals are very interested in learning English, so there are many opportunities to teach to both adults and children. In order to teach English in Vietnam, most teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and a criminal background check, and many employers may also require a TEFL certificate.

Is Vietnamese easy to learn?

Learning Vietnamese is neither hard nor easy. … Realistically, it is more accurate to say that Vietnamese is mostly “an easy language” rather than “a hard language.” However, one aspect of Vietnamese, the pronunciation, is quite difficult.

Is Vietnamese or Chinese harder?

Originally Answered: Which is harder, Vietnamese or Chinese? Vietnamese, hands down. As a South-East Asian Chinese who speaks 3 main languages, one of which is Chinese that breaks down to a further 3 more sub-languages/dialects (or you could say altogether 5 languages), none are as hard as Vietnamese.

Which is harder Korean or Vietnamese?

One thing that makes Korean easier to learn than Mandarin or Vietnamese is the fact that it isn’t a tonal language. Mandarin and Vietnamese are both tonal languages (Mandarin having 4 tones and Vietnamese having 6 if I’m not mistaken). If you speak any IE language, then Korean would be much easier (but not too easy).

Is Vietnamese easy for English speakers?

Originally Answered: How difficult is Vietnamese to learn for American English speakers? Fairly difficult. It’s easier than Japanese or Arabic but harder than French or German. Don’t stress too much about the tones.

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