How do you say already in Thai?

‘already’ in Thai : แล้ว [laew]

What does LAEW mean?

“Pai leaw” means “already left” or “I am leaving now” depending on the context. In your context, it means “I’m going now”.

What is LEAW in Thai?

The word Leaw – past tense (it has happened already.) The word is used at the end of the sentence to say “past tense”.

What does Mai Dai mean in Thai?

L7 – mai dai: cannot or did not.

What does mai pen rai mean in Thai?

A Thai person would probably say “Mai pen rai” in that situation, an easygoing form of “it’s okay” or “let it go.” This demonstrates a carefree attitude and how Thais try not to stress over small problems.

What is your name meaning in Thai?

คุณชื่ออะไร khun chûue à-rai = What’s your name?

What is the most common name in Thailand?


  • Kraisee –’lion. …
  • Boon-Nam –Boon-Nam or ‘born with a good fortune. …
  • Chalerm – this common Thai name means ‘celebrated. …
  • Sunan – ‘word of goodness. …
  • Kasem – ‘pure happiness. …
  • Somchai – ‘man of worth’
  • Mee Noi – ‘little bear’

How do you say it’s nice to meet you in Thai?

  1. ยินดี /Yin-Dee/ = welcome, pleasure.
  2. ที่ได้รู้จัก /Ti-Dai-Roo-Jaak/ = to meet.
  3. คุณ /Koon/ = You.
  4. ค่ะ or ครับ /Ka (for female to speak), Krab (for male to speak)/ = the last word to make the speach become polite.
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