How many children are there in Myanmar?

Children account for around one-third of the total population of over 53 million. In 2016, 29.2 per cent of children under five were stunted, with wasting at 7 per cent.

How many children work Myanmar?

Myanmar is the 178th country to ratify the convention and has an estimated 9.3% of the child population aged 5 to 17 in child labour, including more than 600,000 working in hazardous work environments.

How many youth are there in Myanmar?

The 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census enumerated 14.4 million children aged 0 to 14 years (29 per cent of the total population) and 9 million youth aged 15 to 24 years (18 per cent of the total population).

How many kids have died in Myanmar?

Forty-three kids have died since Myanmar’s military announced it would be taking over the country for at least a year on February 1, spurring anti-coup protests and demonstrations throughout the nation.

How many children are out of school in Myanmar?

Children out of school, primary in Myanmar was reported at 91889 in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

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How can I help Myanmar children?

Emergency response

  1. Donate. Support Save the Children’s mission. Donate to help children in Myanmar and around the world grow up healthy, educated and safe.
  2. Sponsor a Child in Myamnar.
  3. Shop Gift Catalog.

How many soldiers are in Myanmar army?

And, since the coup, it is now formally back in power. In absolute terms, this professional army is the 11th largest in the world, with some 406,000 soldiers in active duty as of 2019, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

What religions are in Myanmar?

Religion is an essential aspect of life in Myanmar and central to conceptions of personal identity. Most of the Burmese population identify as Buddhist (87.9%). However, there are also significant minorities of Christians (6.2%) and Muslims (4.3%), as well as some Animists (0.8%) and Hindus (0.5%).

What is the language in Myanmar?


What is the average age in Myanmar?

The median age in Myanmar is 29.0 years.

How many have been killed in Myanmar?

At least 739 people have been killed so far as Myanmar’s military continues to use brutal methods to quell anti-coup protests, a local monitoring group said late on Wednesday.

Who killed the Rohingyas?

Massacre and killings

In August 2018, a study estimated that more than 24,000 Rohingya people were killed by the Burmese military and local Buddhists since the “clearance operations” started on 25 August 2017.

When did the military take over Burma?

1962 Burmese coup d’état

Date 2 March 1962
Location Rangoon, Burma
Result Coup successful Parliamentary republic led by a civilian government replaced by a socialist military regime
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Is education free in Myanmar?

Following those progressive changes, lower secondary school was made free in 2014, and free tuition was extended to 40,000 upper secondary schools in June 2015.

Does Myanmar have good education?

In 2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced that Burmese education was reaching international standards and the government had fully accredited 156 universities and colleges in Myanmar. Today, Myanmar lags far behind in terms of educational standards.

Why Myanmar education is poor?

Key challenges in Myanmar include limitations in the quality of education services at all levels of education and the number of qualified teachers, as well as weak school infrastructure and outdated teaching methods. In addition, protracted conflicts and emergencies are disrupting many children’s path to learning.

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