How much of Indonesia is forest?

FAO, 52.1% or about 94,432,000 ha of Indonesia is forested, according to FAO. Of this 50.0% ( 47,236,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest.

How large is the Indonesian forested land?

A 1990 FAO report puts the area of forest at 109.5 million hectares (57% of land area), and some environmentalists put the area as low as 98 million hectares (51 % of land area).


Major Economic Sectors as a Percentage of GDP 1990 2000 (forecast)
Construction 6% 7%
Other services 34% 36%

Does Indonesia have a lot of forests?

Forests of Indonesia are the third largest tropical forests in the world. Tropical forests are one of the greatest biodiversity hotspots on Earth. Indonesia is home to 10% to 15% of all known plants, mammals and birds on the planet.

Where does Indonesia rank internationally on being forested?

Indonesia is home to some of the most biologically diverse forests in the world and ranks third in number of species behind Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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What percentage of its intact forests has Indonesia already lost?

Tell big brands to protect Indonesia’s forests!

Indonesia has already lost 72 percent of its intact forests.

Is Indonesia still burning forest?

But this doesn’t mean Indonesia’s forests aren’t burning. While satellite mapping indicates there are fewer fire hotspots across parts of the country, some 206,751 hectares of forests were torched from January to September 2020.

What percentage of Indonesia is rainforest?

Incredibly, with just 1 percent of the Earth’s land area, Indonesia’s rainforests contain 10 percent of the world’s known plant species, 12 percent of mammal species – including endangered orangutans and critically endangered Sumatran tigers and rhinos – and 17 percent of all known bird species.

How bad is Indonesia deforestation?

A recent study, not yet peer-reviewed, has also attributed the slowing deforestation rate in Indonesia to declining oil palm plantation expansion and lower palm oil prices. … “In 2019, Indonesia produced timber from 8.4 million hectares [20.7 million acres] of natural forests.

Is Indonesia a part of Asia?

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia, with a maximum dimension from east to west of about 3,200 miles (5,100 km) and an extent from north to south of 1,100 miles (1,800 km). It shares a border with Malaysia in the northern part of Borneo and with Papua New Guinea in the centre of New Guinea.

Why is the deforestation bad?

The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people.

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Which country has no trees?

There are no trees

There are four countries with no forest whatsoever, according to the World Bank’s definition: San Marino, Qatar, Greenland and Oman.

Which country has most trees?


Rank Country % Forest
1 Russia 70.17%
2 Brazil 64.00%
3 Canada 23.00%
6 Australia 16.00%

Which country has most forest percentage?

Suriname is the most forested country in the world.

Are forests growing or shrinking?

The annual rate of net forest loss declined from 19.2 million acres in 1990–2000 to 12.8 million acres in 2000–2010 and 11.6 million acres in 2010–2020. While an estimated 1.04 billion acres of forest have been lost worldwide to deforestation since 1990, the rate of deforestation also declined substantially.

Which is the largest forest in the world?

The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. It’s home to more than 30 million people and one in ten known species on Earth.

How many trees cut down in 2020?

A new study published in Nature estimates the planet has 3.04 trillion trees. The research says 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year.

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